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  2. Here is the itinerary and timetable for the homecoming parade tomorrow 26th August: https://warringtonwolves.com/homecoming-parade-for-wembley-winners/
  3. She told them what she thought of them and they all came away with injured feelings (possibly).
  4. Just read a report that 6 police officers were "injured" in a struggle with 1 42yo WOMAN in Swindon Police Station. Now we may have reached the stage were our police are now too frightened of diciplinary action to lay a glove on an offender and many are well under 6ft , plus females; but one woman taking on 6 coppers on is stretching it.
  5. Dormitory: Dirty Room Evangelist: Evil's Agent Desperation: A Rope Ends It The Morse Code: Here Come Dots Slot Machines: Cash Lost in 'em Animosity: Is No Amity Mother-in-law: Woman Hitler Snooze Alarms: Alas! No More Z's Alec Guinness: Genuine Class Semolina: Is No Meal The Public Art Galleries: Large Picture Halls, I Bet A Decimal Point: I'm a Dot in Place The Earthquakes: That Queer Shake Eleven plus two: Twelve plus one Contradiction: Accord not in it
  6. Bill, have they taken out what sounds like a bot net that he was using too?
  7. What a brilliant day. As I said above we went with zero expectation and that's what made this victory so much sweeter. Daryl was out of this world and thoroughly deserved his Lance Todd Trophy and the team as a whole played very well and had more desire than Saints. Goodwin's last ditch tackle epitomised this desire and that was the difference between the sides. Well done the team and coaching staff.
  8. Bill, Just sent you a timing PM.
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  10. Bill

    Shock! Horror!

    Nah Sid, you want WD40 because it's basically an oil and I've read it repels water. That's it for me for a while. Off for a coffee with our Mr Stallard. Bill
  11. Just a little update. The bloke I was on about did get arrested earlier this week and his phone and computer equipment were taken away for forensic investigation. Let's hope he get more than a good talking to. Bill
  12. What a performance from the Wire. 18-04 winners!!!!
  13. It was on the main Liverpool to Stockport line until the ship canal was built which cut the line in two. Hence the high level bridge was built at Latchford Locks. and the new high level line came into being Joining from the original line at Bank Quay.Which meant a new station where the Cantilever Garden Centre was.The old station fell into disrepair until my Dad got it in 1942 and set about turning it into a wonderful family home.
  14. yes. It was at the very top of Grammar School Road on the canal bank between Latchford Swing bridge and the Cantilever ....
  15. Latchford 1889. This the one Latch?
  16. Old Latchford Station My home where I was born and raised until I married.. Demolished to make way for a Timber Companies Trade counter office! (1972) Which was in turn demolished some 20 years later and the land left derelict. Another chunk of local heritage lost forever for no good purpose.
  17. A few years ago my mum was persuaded to switch to SSE by the salesman telling her "your electricity will be provided by your local power station at Fiddlers Ferry". Not an out an out lie to be fair, more like being economical with the truth. In common with most people my mum didn't know anything about the National Grid and how it works, nor did she care so long as the kettle boiled when it was switched on etc.
  18. You could also add hot air and promises by politicians. always puzzles me though on how they know which bit of the electricity is the renewable bit and which bit is not ,it all come through the same cables via the national grid. Is it the green colour or does it have a separate channel like tv programs or what?🤨
  19. I've quoted some of the adverse comments (2012) regarding the happenings related to the Bewsey Old Hall development. At the time I thought that Urban Splash were the White Knight to save the Old Hall and criticism was a bit over the top,harsh even. However events since then have laid bare what the reality is aided and abetted by a uselessly out manoeuvred planning enforcement regime at Warrington Borough Council. The Planning Inspectorate approved the development with specific conditions related to bat protection and wild life concerns, as the enabling development of 48 apartments was to be built in thriving woodland. The Planning Inspector was concerned that Urban Splash, the appellant, would build the 48 apartments,which were to finance the renovation and save the Old Hall , so stipulated that the renovation and the enabling build would proceed concurrently. This has not happened 10 years on the enabling site has only recently been fenced off, completely blocking a right of way which has existed since 1976, but no building is likely to commence and the planning permission has been passed to another company,"The Next Big Thing". . It's probable that a completely different application will be submitted for an entirely different build. Other conditions applied to the approval were the establishment of a heritage trail to give access to local people,replacing the Ranger Station which was burned out(along with the bats) The Heritage Trail and Ranger station have not been provided(conditional before occupation of the Old Hall) . In fact the Old Hall is now a gated residence accessed by electronic gates and other accesses to the moated area have been locked off. Until recently the Ranger Station was still signposted to the Old Hall but the Land Trust recently removed all sign post to it and also other features which used to exist within Sankey Valley Park. These questions have been raised with Parish Councillors/Planning Enforcement without satisfactory outcome.Urban Splash have managed to wriggle out of the sweeteners offered in order to get the approval and have banked a prestige development before passing on the enabling development which they didn't really want.
  20. You can't get decent sub-editors these days 🤣🤣.
  21. Ah but according to the report, it's CEBT electricity so you don't need any cables. 🤓 Bill
  22. https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2019/08/20/new-food-store-set-to-open-at-great-sankey/#comment-340724 In the article it states that the new store will be using 100% renewable energy. I'm curious as to where they're getting it from. The solar farms in Yorkshire bought by our council? Must be a long cable 🤔
  23. Certainly got fingers and toes crossed......
  24. Here's hoping for a positive result for us at Wembley for a change.
  25. Always look on the bright side of life .......!
  26. Looking forward to my trip to Wembley tomorrow and for once I have zero expectations for us. I just hope we put in a good professional performance like we did against Hull FC and see where that takes us... C'Mon the Wire!!
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