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  1. same parts etc ? !
  2. ... evidently along with the BBC and every other news agency.
  3. No such thing as a "soft Brexit": being in the single market, in the customs union and the ECoJ; means we're still in the EU, still with financial commitments, free movement and no political input.
  4. Seems the Don knows how to wind up the liberals; with his ban on transgender members of the military. But if we get behind the emotional gut reaction of our liberal media, we may discover that it was being used as a means of getting free gender assignment treatments at a cost to their tax-payers.
  5. According to an LSE study, there seems to be a direct correlation between those areas voting Leave or Remain, and their post-Brexit fortunes (if it ever happens). Remain voting areas will be worse off, while Leave areas will be less effected. Perhaps that's why they instinctively voted the way they did ?
  6. Very prophetic Sid. Unfortunately most folk can't see that far ahead.
  7. Seems for once, the legal system has shown common sense.
  8. Perhaps an attempt to tackle obesity ? !
  9. Well the Pied Piper of Islington is now denying that he promised to cancel student debts. So perhaps all those gullible students that voted for him have now some experience of political promises.
  10. That's the problem Dave, advances in medicine have allowed an arrogant expectation that nature can be overcome in any case, and irrational emotion just fuels such demands. It's quite ironic, that the "right to life" mob have jumped on this bandwagon and been allegedly threatening the lives of Hospital staff,
  11. Not in the face of overwhelming medical judgement, even if the baby lived, it would be little more than a vegetable. In the case of the missing Airman, the Police traced his mobile phone to a trash truck, but this doesn't mean he was with the phone, for all we know, he could be lying on a beach in Tenerife; he's technically AWOL from the RAF until they find him. These demands are being led by emotion rather than rational judgement imo, and costing the tax-payer at the same time.
  12. Seems that "I want, therefore, I must have" is taking over and the authorities seem to be taking notice of it. EG> The Grenfell survivors demand a Judge to their liking for the Inquiry and it's scope. The wife of the missing Airman demands the Police keep searching a rubbish tip for his body, despite the Police already having spent over a £million on the search and no evidence to support that he or his body went there. The parents of a terminally ill baby refuse to accept medical reality, costing the NHS £millions. Have these people gone through life without ever being said "no" to ?
  13. You'd think so Asp, but the back stabbers that surround him won't - notice the cut in point for their proposed tax hikes was £80,000pa, just clear of the average MPs salary ! As I said, turkeys won't vote for Xmas.
  14. .... and what they will do, is level up; so equal pay will actually cost us more. I'm sure we can look forward to a new Janet Bondabigu, eventually; a black lesbian secret agent in a wheel chair, with mental health issues.
  15. Let's hope the likes of those two can influence outcomes.