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  1. Patrick Fitzgerald & Gerald Fitzpatrick.
  2. My wife used to have a Henry vacuum cleaner & she now has a Henrietta & they both worked/work excellently.
  3. A soft Brexit really isn't a Brexit at all & will end up with Remainers pulling the strings until the UK is once more a full member of the EU.
  4. I am waiting for a blue plaque for them Sid. Funnily enough, there is a shop not far from us that buys all the old brown furniture & tarts it up with fancy designs then sells it on. I think they call it upcycling.
  5. A pub near us sells crisps for the normal pub prices ....they don't seem to be overly full but are a new flavour called "not to be sold separately" .
  6. Perhaps the cringe worthy costs of experiencing culture & the perceived need to compete with "cultured" but shallow peers are causes of great stress.
  7. Believe it or not i have still got a three piece wardrobe set of his from the mid 70s. It isn't big enough for too many clothes especially when your wife insists you need more clothes almost weekly ,but is being used as a glory hole in the spare bedroom....ideal for Christmas (is it ok to say that word ?) decs & other assorted junk.
  8. Kelly's...got quite a few items off him when i first got married. The stuff he sold was ok for the price but he never seemed to record any payments you made, you just had to tell him you had paid the debt off & everybody was happy.
  9. We hear so much about "locked in syndrome" & if everything else fails but Charlie's life is out of danger ,will the parents be happy to see the lad in that condition. The one thing worse than death is a living death.
  10. I must say .in the case of Charlie Gard, i would be forever worried as his parents if something unforseen happened to them & Charlie was left at the mercy of others.No one could love him like them & i would let nature take its course.
  11. Not & never has been my cup of tea Sid. I know millions of people round the world love it Sid ,as did my daughter.
  12. I can't believe topic on Dr Who has attracted so many replies. Biggest load of rubbish i have avoided watching since childhood.
  13. To do what ? His work involves no searching interviews whatsoever. The only people who i would consider for the top pay in the BBC are their war correspondents.
  14. A major killer of our industries were the bed fellows of the man that many people would love to be in power in Britain. El Jezza.
  15. In terms of retail,regionalisation help firms to cope with increasing road traffic volumes & the possibility of vehicles being stuck away from base due to driver's hours regulations. With regional depots ,a vehicle may have 2,3 or even 4 drivers using it during a 24 hour period to deliver locally & on time ,thus meaning there is less time lost on vehicles being parked up away from base for 12 or 13 hours & less money needed for more more vehicles on contract to cover that down time.