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  1. Let's see what response he get's from Chris Grayling about dropping the tolls on the two bridges - he has just tweeted a copy of his letter to the minister asking for a meeting with councillors and his has signed the early day motion As Gary says above he knows how to use social media. You can follow what he does as an MP
  2. TM Survey out today highlight the stress levels of 52 towns/cities - London is the most stressful but Warrington is the tenth least stressful place in the list in 43rd. Apparently it's based on an analysis of stress-inducing factors across the country – including finances, commute time, job opportunities and crime rates – to calculate the most and least stressed towns and cities in the UK. Interestingly 3 of the places that beat us in the 2021 culture bid are more stressful places to be in - I wonder if that is why they had the edge? What do you make of this survey - may the answers are in the ranking breakdown figures - do we really have 0% job growth and take 47 minutes to get to work?
  3. With fewer crisps in packets, fewer sheets of loo paper etc. but all for the same price what examples of shrinkflation have you noticed and what is the real rate of inflation?
  4. Dizzy - I've no idea I suppose depending on the design it could be less (if there was insurance cover) or it could be more than £200k but it must be in keeping with the surroundings. If local business can make a contribution that's great but there is the cost of clearing up and assessing what happened first. Given what has happened is must be more resistant to attack and protected from attack which as we see more and more these days is proving very difficult. Ideally it should be of wooden construction, maybe with a sprinkler system, cctv that is backed up off site, maybe a moat surrounding it and locked up after 5pm.... but where does that leave us if we go down that path? The idea is to get people interested in nature not put them off it. I do hope that WBC take on board input from Risley Moss Action Group (RIMAG) and Mersey Forest (MF) and the Ranger Service, three very well informed and passionate people who live and breathe this SSSI site. Richard Jone's fund raising page total has just gone past the £1,500 from nearly 100 donations so a lot of people want to help. I'm not sure who he is but if anyone knows let me know.
  5. Maybe it's some old grumpy 70 year old with a grudge against Rilsey Moss and a total lack of understanding about what the reserve is all about. There has been a lot of activity on the site recently that has quickly been escalated, a hive set on fire, an information sign trashed but thanks to a dedicated Ranger has been restored. Perhaps it's a coincidence that it's the start of the school holidays and that we are seeing a daily appearance of a red fire engine on WWW. 12.15 this morning of another suspected fire this time of a caravan. It's the fire season. This has nothing to do with Mr Smiths but if you have information that the police and fire can use to further their investigation please let the police know - there are details of contacts on the thread above and also on the WNCF web site - you don't have to give your name. I remember the fire attacks on the John Parr Meadow fields a few years ago of the fire brigade putting the fires out, I even found the remains of a burnt out blue bin in the woods that had been dragged 1/4 of a mile before being set alight - I know this because the PCSO pointed out in the embers and address of the bin owner. Gary still uses the photos I took when the youths did torch the fields by the meadow. The investigation will hopefully reveal more but as you indicate without 100% proof whoever did it will get away so hopefully the good people of Birchwood will have seen some activity and/or the access points discovered to give an indication of how they got in. A lot of people get a lot of pleasure out of this and other SSSI reserves in Warrington and it would be sad it this kind of thing spreads and whoever did it gets educated in what nature is all about, maybe they can take part in rebuilding the viewing platform. As a Steering Group Member of the Mersey Forest I think that it's not a good way to start the Summer. The reserve closes at 5pm week days and the firefighters report attendance at 7.15pm - given that there is a security fence surrounding the complex this must have been a deliberate fire or somrthing that went badly wrong. The smoke could be seen from Winwick Leisure Community Centre!
  6. Gary has had a conducted tour of the new Warrington South MPs office near the town hall - what do you make of Faisal's approach to life as an MP?
  7. Maybe get them involved in helping with the rebuild so that they appreciate the time and trouble to replace the viewing platform. The fund raising page is at £900.
  8. Well schools out and the idiots are out on the lose. I've just seen the photos of the burnt out Iconic Risley Hive that looked like a space ship, following Gary's report of a fire - these have been posted by the Cheshire Fire Brigade - a link to them is below. This hive had fantastic views out across the SSSI and was arguably one of the best hive in the country. There have been reports recently of other attacks - but they still returned and got in. I hope these idiots are identified - please report any information if you know who may have started the fire please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or Cheshire See photos of the fire on Chair of the Warrington Nature Conservation Forum.
  9. and you can do that without even outing yourself BTW the way I'm useless at guessing who's who - so we look forward to reading an exclusive on WWW or on your blog or wherever it is your work is published who know we may have already have done so without making the link, other media sources are available in the interest of balance & impartiality but would a WWW be a 1st for grey-man
  10. He's already revealed himself (albeit by email) to Cllr Dan Price and he seems to have had quite a conversation with him especially to have assessed him as "deluded" - what's that all about?. Surely he will not have addressed an email with the hope of getting a response unless he actually signed off the email after all it's a bit more personal than a chat room. Obviously you give good advice and if he wants to get a full answer then that is a valid course of action - he has until September to think and act if grey-man is so concerned about digging deeper
  11. removed duplicate
  12. I remember well my two years working for the Lucas Switchgear Divison in Burnley where we manufacture guess what - that's right switches and lights for British Leyland Cars - sadly it's no longer in existence but markets change and you have to move with the times or die. Another example was a tour of British Leyland Trucks who went through all sorts of changes but very modern and you could order a truck Just in Time - they would call in a variety of components once the order had been placed and it would be assembled in a day and any faults etc. could be pin pointed to the exact place on the production line via their application of 6 sigma and tracking. That place had so much knowledge and experience but even after it number of morphs since Thatcher it was having to run to keep still. Fascinating place and they shared their knowledge and information with the likes of me on their free training courses. Companies will do what they have to survive.
  13. Bazj - you could pose a question at the next Full-Council about it in September?
  14. No - for the reasons that Asp describes - the assembly plants are just that they assemble products from the specialist manufacturers of parts that can be made anywhere local, national or international. Yes the practice does increase transport costs but these are negated by the savings in mass producing the parts at least that's why the assemblers do it.
  15. Mrs G grows her potatoes in a sack full of soil so she only has to pop out into the garden