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    As a very serious political pundit, who followed every minute of the Primary and Presidential debates, I can tell you straight that Trump's position regarding non-involvement or not, was a very minor, irrelevant part of his campaign. His platform, as I stated, was Isis, illegal immigration, jobs and the economy and the only thing that he has not fulfilled is building a southern wall, that is because the Democrats are blocking the funding. The only reason that he has not yet left Syria, is because of the recent poison gas attacks, which affected the strategy. You are a little uninformed regarding US taxes. Due to deductions like earnings level, child credits, home mortgage deductions, etc, sixty percent of Americans pay no taxes at all. The major changes just effected, have no 'slashing' of any kind. Everybody in every category benefited, rich and poor. ( why do you feel that taxes should be designed to be punitive to any group?). The most important feature of the tax bill, is the lowering of the Corporate Tax rate, which helps the US be more competitive worldwide. This alone has already created jobs due to businesses expanding and has also started a wage raise phase. Hillary Clinton is, in my opinion, one of the most despicable Americans ever, narrowly beaten by Charles Manson. She has been a criminal all of her life, starting when she was a young lawyer and was involved in the Whitewater real estate scam. She has used her position to thumb her nose at the law every day. The evidence appears to show, that the Clinton Foundation actually extorted money from foreign governments when she was Secretary of State. Foreign governments were making $50,000,000 donations to the foundation and the next week, their representative would get an interview with Clinton, followed by some request being approved. The Clintons take eighty percent of the Foundations income for personal expenses. Right now, the Inspector General at the Justice Dept, is investigating her for allowing Top Secret documents to be kept on her unsecurephone and those of her staff. Very serious stuff. Several low level, military guys have gotten prison sentences for similar things. Let's see if she can corrupt this investigation. Of course, if she's found guilty, it will be because she's a woman or its rascist.
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    If 95% of the population were in his shoes they would have done the same. He wants congratulating not arresting.
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    Unfortunately the police had no option other than to comply with the law and arrest this hero!, as the old saying "the law is an ass". Thankfully the chap has been released on bail. On last nights news they reported that he had been defending his wife who has dementia and was terrified. Well done that man!.
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    Has what gone Fugs ? If you mean the downvote/upvote thingy well no it's still there as it always was although we also added a 'ha ha giggle' type reaction too We (admins) can't see who actually votes either way again now (thankfully) as that was only a temporary measure for a short while while we/Invision were looking into the issue of the perpetual and rather annoying 'downvoter'. Glad it all stopped and we are back to being a happy(ish) place once again
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    Fugs, The proscribed organisation is described as racist and anti-Semitic with neo-Nazi as the summary. I worry about the left/right game of labelling anything right of Lenin right wing, the classical left/right split has broken down rather and it is better to describe groups by what they believe or do rather than allowing lazy slurs. Brexit is an example where left/right splits just don't work at all and can result in unintended offence.
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    Just saw this: 'Hand cut, artisan 27-seed granary loaf smeared with farm-churned, slightly salted normandy butter, layered with lightly-crushed free range organic farm eggs, laid in straw-lined nestboxes by hand-reared black leghorn hens, enrobed with organic virgin olive oil mayonnaise, sprinkled with organic, hand-harvested cress.' Egg and cress sandwich!
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    Hope these cobbles don't go the same way as the Forge machinery after being placed in 'safe storage'.
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    With both Houses of Parliament being dominated by Remoaners, we have the prospect of them trying to keep us in the Customs Union; which, in effect, would mean we won't actually leave the EU, and won't be able to sign unilateral trade deals elsewhere. Hopefully, the PM will persist in efforts to leave the CU, and if the Remoaners wish to sabotage negotiations on "a deal"; then let's quit with no deal; pay them nothing and leave them with a 20% hole in their budget.
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    Most people only know what is supposedly happening under the Trump administration through the mainstream media which has been virulently anti-Trump since he started campaigning for the election. It's interesting to hear the views of someone "on the ground" so to speak without the media bias.
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    When was the last time you bought a cup of coffee? and by that i mean a cup of coffee and not a caramel fudge double frappé latte with a a shot of hazelnut. I had to go into town yesterday for my new glasses and spent five minutes staring at one of those costa machines trying to find a white coffee.( i was wearing my glasses at the time so not down to poor eyesight). On-line shopping is getting harder to avoid these days as quite a lot of stores have great goods on offer but you can ONLY purchase them on-line and not in store. It often puzzles me when i have gone into a place and found that the price on-line was actually less than the in store price despite the fact that it has to be delivered as opposed to taken off a shelf. VIRTUAL REALITY, for those who can't cope with actual reality.
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    Maybe the town hall has been taken over by Palau
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    The plain fact is that, before Trump, the world was sliding towards a very deep abyss. He has stopped that and if you take a non emotional look, I think that you will find that the world is now a much quieter place. No daily beheadings, no bombers boarding aircraft every day, no throat slitting on the streets of England and as previously mentioned, no North Korean missile tests. Obama never listened to anyone but his syncophants and constantly overruled his military advisers. Trump meets with his experts and discusses possible actions every day and takes their advice. Believe me, the last people to jump into war are Generals (unless they are French!), because they know the cost better than anyone. Trump is a business man used to dealing with regular mortals and that's how he conducts his business, if someone can't hack it he fires them. If someone insults him he fires right back with both barrels just like you and I would. He doesn't watch the polls every day and he's not burdened with the political palava that surrounds most government activities. Got much more, but got to leave for the golf course, tee off at eight am.
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    Of course not, and I never even implied that. Saddam's Kuwait adventure gave the West the opportunity for retaliation, after which his cards were marked.
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    Like last year's event, just for show and no doubt choreographed with the Russians to avoid escalation. Donald wants to distract from his impending impeachment, May want's to distract from selling us out on Brexit and Macron wants to gain favours with the Saudis - "Oh what a tangled web we weave etc". The hypocracy is quite nauseating, all have nuclear arsenals capable of killing millions, yet criticise the alleged use of chemical weapons that killed 40. They have no mandate from the UN for this action, therefore making it an illegal act of war against a sovereign nation, just like Bliar's disasterous adventure in Iraq, which kicked off the "Arab Spring" and the current anarchy in the first place.
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    - his Castle ? Seems a 78yo has been charged with murder, after stabbing to death one of two burglars, he found in his home. Would imagine it'll take a jury less than 5 minutes to find him not guilty.
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    Well the evidence is there for all to see; Bliar's attempt to install "liberal democracies" in Countries with no experience or culture of liberal democracy, which saw a reversion to primitive religious factionalism and resultant civil strife, provides the evidence of outcome for Western military intervention. However, we or rather our politicians don't seem to have learned anything. Clearly, far from remorse, Bliar is advocating military intervention in Syria; suppose if you get away with one war crime, why stop the habit.
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    Or a sausage inna bun from a certain Mr dibbler.
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    The reason stop and search was curtailed, was due to protests from the same politicians who are now calling for it's return. They claimed it involved "racial profiling" by the Police, as the vast majority of cases were young black males. I suppose that it's mere coincidence, that the vast majority of perpetrators in these knifings are young black males. What seems apparent in these cases is the total lack of fear of judicial retribution by these perpetrators, and no doubt, we'll be fed the line in due course by the Abbot and Castello apologists, of the deprived lives of these feral youngsters and the need to smother them in resources.
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    Stop & search needs to be stepped up ,get the metal detectors out to search for weapons. It is only the furtive & guilty who will complain. The innocent,law abiding citizens need to feel protected by the law & if that upsets the culprits ,tough.
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    Well it's obvious that this is all down to Maggie's policies in the 80s.
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    I hear on the grapevine that rep's from WBC have visited Blackpool Council with a view to purchasing some redundant tableau scenes. The tableau scenes will be erected around Market gate in time for the Royal Wedding. A spokesman revealed that along side the scenes street lighting poles will be decorated red , white and blue and the lighting units will be replaced by colored filters. The tableau's will remain in place for 5 day's and then stored away for future event's. When pressed, the council spokesman would not reveal the total cost of this project. Miss Aprile Oneseer, Community Representative.
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    Sly plays BoJo ? !
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    It is disgraceful arresting this pensioner when the burglar was the person who took the screwdriver into his victims house with at least the intention of striking fear into the homeowner. The bloke got what he deserved.
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    Ha ha yes you're right and I think Castleford were desperate for the game to go ahead as they are already behind in the fixture list. I saw Josh's swan dive in the big puddle at the end of the match - just brilliant! I can't remember the last time we won both Easter fixtures, although I'm sure Gary will remind me if we have done so...... The team are slowly coming together and look strong - onwards and upwards!
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    More like water polo than rugby, but another strong win for the Wire.
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    A woman pregnant with triplets was walking down the street when a masked robber ran out of a bank and shot her three times in the stomach. Luckily the babies were OK. The surgeon decided to leave the bullets in because it was too risky to operate. She gave birth to two healthy daughters and a healthy son. All was fine for 16 years, and then one daughter walked into the room in tears. 'What's wrong?' asked the mother. 'I was taking a tinkle and this bullet came out,' replied the daughter. The mother told her it was okay and explained what happened 16 years ago. About a week later the second daughter walked into the room in tears. 'Mom, I was taking a tinkle and this bullet came out.' Again the mother told her not to worry and explained what happened 16 years go. A week later her son walked in to the room in tears. 'It's okay' said the Mom, 'I know what happened. You were taking a tinkle and a bullet came out.' 'No,' said the boy, 'I was playing with myself and I shot the dog.'
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    The mugs or thee royal pair and their marriage ?
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    Fair points Greyman, Davy and Obs and yes some low life owners do choose staffies and other big breeds as a 'status' symbol and yes some are so idiotic that they love nothing more than to teach their dogs bad habits. It's such a shame as staffies as a breed are such loyal, gentle and loving dogs. I'd have one any day. In my opinion where owners have purposely made a dog aggressive to the extent that it attacks someone then owner(s) should be put to sleep too just like the dog often is.
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    Twenty years from now Harry & Megan mugs will be turning up on Bargain Hunt.
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    I think the word "alleged" is very handy to deflect comments as coming from another source. We can't really refer to the man as "so called" because Islamic State seem to have the monopoly on that.
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    Has it gone then?
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    They charged him with religious bias and confiscated his reindeer and sleigh !
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    There was a time when hesitation would not be an issue at times of emergency but the love of the British public & employers of safe systems of work has hamstrung even emergency services on the twin altars of Health & Safety & compensation culture..
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    Thx Gary - worth the wait. I had the pleasure of meeting Steve and his assistant coaches recently and found them to be thoroughly nice guys who were very passionate about the club. It was great to see!
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    Thanks for that Gary. I'm looking forward to seeing Charnley play for us, I always thought him an impressive player.
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    Government cut-backs Sid .
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    There is definitely too much of heavyweight managers trying to influence referees & probably the VR will remove that fear factor from the ref. by taking the decision out of his hands.
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    oh the cold for me every-time. i work on the principle that if you are cold you can always find a way of getting warmer but if you are hot it is not that easy to get cooler.(also less poisonous snakes and spiders in canada)
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    I might be wrong, but I'm sensing some support here, on Warrington World Wide (that means everyone in the world can see you) , for [alleged] RWNJ Christoper Lythgoe. Patriotic Son of Warrington, or racist scum? You decide.