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  2. Fearnead Center Grotto

    Aww what a shame I guess Father Christmas is very busy though and can't be everywhere during the run up to Christmas saying 'Hello' and meeting people as he needs to conserve some energy for Xmas Eve. PS if he's reading I've been a VERY GOOD GIRL this year...honest
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  4. Budget - hit or miss ?

    Don't suppose the Chancellor had a lot of elbow room, but can't understand why the Tories are so fixated on home ownership, when the reality is that most youngsters simply cannot afford to get on the housing ladder. Surely the answer is to build a shed load of cheap rented "council" apartments, in order to increase supply and sate demand, which should reduce price inflation in the market generally. According to one news report, now is an ideal time to borrow, so perhaps he should give Councils the green light to get on with it ? The other positive he seems to be doing, is legislating to stop developers from holding land banks, and if Councils are given powers to CPO such land at the original market price, perhaps existing permissions on brown field sites, will reduce developer pressures on the green belt ?
  5. The Despot is dead -

    In an interview in 1980, after Mugabe had taken power, Ian Smith said “He will be there for at least 30 years, murder or imprison all of his opponents and bankrupt the country” . Not a bad prediction.
  6. The Despot is dead -

    No wonder Ian Smith declared independence in 1965 ,he must have had a good idea of what was in store for the future of Rhodesia.
  7. The Despot is dead -

    African democracy - one man, one vote, once.
  8. Fearnead Center Grotto

    It is with great sadness that Blackbrook Community Association have had to cancel this years grotto due to circumstances beyond our control. We have spoken to Father Christmas and although he to is very sad He assures us that it will be " business as usual on Christmas Eve" The Grotto will be back next Christmas Bigger and Better than ever !
  9. The Despot is dead -

    - long live the (new) Despot. Magabe goes after running his economy into the ground and allegedly commiting HR crimes along the way; but who's going to replace him ? His one time vice-President, equally complicit in his alleged crimes and destructive policies, fully supported by the Zanu PF Party. And is it possible that the opposition politicians will offer anything better in terms of democracy and anti-corruption ? So perhaps the euphoria is premature ?
  10. Visit

    Eric has confirmed he will be at Shelly's at 2pm on December 5th - please let me know if any of you plan to attend to give him a warm welcome so I can ensure there is space for you and book relevant number of seats.
  11. This is really sad news as for the price of a new council office this building could probably be saved. However it is quite strange as who went to cfourt to get the order to pull it down and why. There are many buildings in poor condition, the priory next door blow down in the wind! PS Woolworths used the building for a warehouse until they shut the upstairs off to the puplic.
  12. Thinking it through ?

    The adequacy or otherwise of enforcement should be part of the original concept; like many other ideas, they fail due to a lack of resources (EG - UKBF).
  13. Thinking it through ?

    Seeing as all your details are linked by computer you would expect the job of catching tax, insurance & MOT dodgers to be a piece of cake. Maybe the knowledge is there but there aren't enough troops on the ground to deal with the matter.
  14. Thinking it through ?

    Seems we're heading out on a tangent with this one; the answer lies in the tax take, or rather lack of it. The new system has brought a three fold increase in evasion, so we can reasonably conclude that it is less fit for purpose than the old system.
  15. To complement the new car park ,dear boy !
  16. to compete with the nice shiny new carpark just about ready to open?
  17. I would think a short stay car park with ANPR cameras in the town centre would really fleece the motorists , err sorry,be an excellent business opportunity & a great use of the land.
  18. derelict,unused and dangerous factory in the town centre to be demolished. If anyone applied for permission to build a factory in the town centre today the nimbies would be having nervous breakdowns. It was unoccupied far longer than it was ever used, its dangerous, its the fault of successive private owners, I will miss the tower but let it go, let it go.........
  19. Thinking it through ?

    Who work what - 8am to 5pm and 5 or 6 days a week in towns that actually have them? Wow!! That sounds pretty effective! Not by the way And you say "for a start", hmmmmmmmm. Well come on who else? Ordinary members of the public reporting cars with out of date tax discs to a police force that can't attend your property after a burglary because of "lack of resources" (allegedly - other excuses are available)?
  20. Thinking it through ?

    Well there's those traffic wardens for a start.
  21. Thinking it through ?

    But whose human eye are you talking about Obs? It's very rarely you see a bobby out of his patrol car these days, while the same patrol cars have ANPR with which they can check on the tax and insurance status of any car.
  22. Thinking it through ?

    Think they were relying on number plate recognition systems Asp; which don't appear to be working; the old fashioned human eye seems to be a surer way of displaying payment. Mind you, there's a question mark nowadays over who's paid for insurance or who even holds a licence.
  23. Thinking it through ?

    I don't see how the scrapping of a paper disc has led to the loss of millions. Surely if someone wants to avoid paying road tax they will do anyway? ANPR has led to the number of people caught for no-payment of tax and insurance rising. As for whether politicians think through the consequences of their policies the answer is obviously never.
  24. Thinking it through ?

    When politicians think up a new policy, do they ever consider the probable consequences of their innovations ? First we have the example of the scrapping of the vehicle tax disc, which has evidently resulted in a tripling of tax evasion and the loss of £millions to the Treasury. Then we have the imposition of a tax on cheap alcoholic drinks by the Scottish Gov; surely a no brainer to assume the Jocks will start loading up in England or distilling their own illegally ?
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  26. Advertisements

    You weren't missing me that much then...it took you 11 days to reply to me Yep working silly hours totally knackered computer (now finally up an running again)..oh and LIFE...just gets in my way lol
  27. Red means Go for Western Link in the dark

    I'd probably scare everyone off Geoff or say something I shouldn't which would get me in trouble
  28. So just as we suspected nearly a year ago then !!! .....and Baz was right too re the land becoming a temporary car park....
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