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  2. Do twins ever realize that one of them is unplanned? Maybe oxygen is slowly killing you and it just takes 75-100 years to fully work. Every time you clean something, you just make something else dirty. True! Your future self is watching you right now through memories. If you replace "W" with "T" in "What, Where and When", you get the answer to each of them. Many animals probably need glasses, but nobody knows it. Anybody have any thoughts like this?
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  4. Well grey man - there you have it - if you are a journal;ist yourself feel free to submit some investigative articles in your name (which I will protect) and I will happily publish them if I can verify them to be accurate and reliable. While I work with all partners in the town, they ALL understand that if they get something wrong I will report on it in a balanced and fair way -which includes giving both sides of a story. You can email me your news items to in confience.
  5. I can't believe topic on Dr Who has attracted so many replies. Biggest load of rubbish i have avoided watching since childhood.
  6. You'd think so Asp, but the back stabbers that surround him won't - notice the cut in point for their proposed tax hikes was £80,000pa, just clear of the average MPs salary ! As I said, turkeys won't vote for Xmas.
  7. .... and what they will do, is level up; so equal pay will actually cost us more. I'm sure we can look forward to a new Janet Bondabigu, eventually; a black lesbian secret agent in a wheel chair, with mental health issues.
  8. You would think that Corbyn would be all over this like a rash.
  9. Let's hope the likes of those two can influence outcomes.
  10. There's certainly a case for the stables to be cleaned out, but you can be sure the politicians (incl Corbyn) won't do it.
  11. Of course it could be that the BBC wants to reduce its wage bill. Peter Capaldi is being paid between £200,000 and £249,000 pa, and as everyone knows female actors always get paid less than their male counterparts..............................................
  12. Like I said, a lot of people know who I am. I have no problem with that. And as a journalist myself, I also understand the restrictions. I'm just not sure that it takes much time and effort when the council issues a press release to say that it has increased the budget for its largest investment to ask 'by how much?' Doesn't take hours to ask, nor to type the sentence 'Although the council has revealed the costs in the past, it has now chosen not to'. It's like it doesn't take much work to have a look at Live Wire's accounts and raise your eyebrows at some of the numbers. So, I suspect that the decision not to dig into uncomfortable matters is based on politics and the need to maintain relationships (which I do understand) than it is about resources. I am reminded of the great work the Rothpol blog has always done with its local issues, purely because it is not constrained in the same way as the local media by commercial and political expediency. This is not a criticism. I do it myself in my own sphere, whereas some independent bloggers don't have to. I wouldn't try to argue it's because I don't have the time, however. As for Dan Price, I didn't need to experience him behaving like he did to know he was deluded. That was apparent about him and everybody else who thought for even a moment Warrington would even be shortlisted for City of Culture. All I'll say about the two exchanges we had is that he exhibited classic DARVO behaviour. As I said to him, however, I hope he's right that we're in a new era for the town with regard to culture and heritage. It's long overdue.
  13. So yet another thread hijacked for the altright's pet "it's pc gawwn maaad" argument. No it isn't. It's a kids' programme, ffs. Get a grip.
  14. Apparently a lot of them set up their own "media companies" which the BBC pays for their "services". This, of course, means that they can arrange their tax affairs so that the bulk of tax paid is at the corporation tax rate rather than the PAYE rate. These same people then go on TV bleating about tax avoidance/evasion.
  15. He's already revealed himself (albeit by email) to Cllr Dan Price and he seems to have had quite a conversation with him especially to have assessed him as "deluded" - what's that all about?. Surely he will not have addressed an email with the hope of getting a response unless he actually signed off the email after all it's a bit more personal than a chat room. Obviously you give good advice and if he wants to get a full answer then that is a valid course of action - he has until September to think and act if grey-man is so concerned about digging deeper
  16. Unfortunately Greyman the media, like many other organisations have had to make cutbacks during a lengthy period of austerity which started way back in the 90s. They simply don't have the reources to spend hours digging deep on stories anymore and we rely on eagle eyed members of the public to help. There is absolutely nothing stopping you attending council meetings and submitting probing questions which would then be picked up by the media and reported. But I guess that would take time and effort and revealing who you are to the world.
  17. Can't say have ever heard of it but from the description would be around the Ince area which is approx 2 miles from Wigan heading towards Warrington. Sounds like it could be a pool where marsh gas accumulated and there are several pools in that area although none that are close to the old road.
  18. And his arch enemy, the Master, was he originally written as a male and did he always regenerate as such? If not wouldn't you say the precedent had been set already that these make believe, fictional self generating aliens are gender ambiguous??
  19. The fact that the likes of Dimbleby doesn't appear on this list is laughable.... apparently he is paid via a media company and so exempt from the scrutiny.... I expect there will be a few more exemptions the next time the list is published
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  21. Precisely my point Asp; none of these people are indispensable; and I'm sure viewers wouldn't be bothered who read the news, the cheaper they are the better !
  22. A very interesting interview I thought:
  23. There's nothing wrong with my dental health thank you pal, but you're the one who is doing the whinging over other people's opinions not coinciding with yours
  24. Well actually there is a pay cap on the BBC in that the licence fee is set by the government and the BBC has to keep their employees pay within the budget dictated to by that limitation. However that doesn't mean that certain people inside the organisation aren't being grossly overpaid for what they do. the BBC argue that they have to pay what they consider to be the going rate otherwise other media outlets would poach their "stars". So what? Let them go, there's plenty of "media graduates" out there itching for the chance to appear as a newsreader
  25. Of course it is a PC decision... Doctor Who has always been a man, the original stories were written as a male time traveller with a female assistant so why do they deem it necessary to change the role? If they are that concerned about it, why not write a new series and cast a woman in the lead role for that? Roddenberry did it when he penned Star Trek Voyager and put Catherine Janeway in charge of a Starship..... He cashed in on the Star Trek name and reputation and then used it to try new ideas... the series ran for many many series. So what next? Murder He Wrote just to even things up a bit....or Jackieanory, Mrs Benn, the Fresh Princess of Bel Air... The mind boggles
  26. Some elements of the media are quite slow to catch on, just read a report that the EU is out to punish us as an example to the rest - err a no brainer, been saying it for years - just walk away from the table and LEAVE.
  27. then you should take more care when gnashing your gums
  28. Baz , Observer, did you consider that she may have been the best applicant for the job or, as she is female, must it automatically be a P.C. decision?
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