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  3. there was a claim that gender reassignment surgery, rare as it is , was causing an overload of the NHS, it does add a minuscule percentage to NHS operations but a drop in the ocean compared to the impact smokers and alcoholics have on the service. Perhaps a little perspective and tolerance is called for but those commodities are as rare as rocking horse sh1t on here.
  4. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    so if you live on a main road and you set off at the same time as everyone else in the country, will you get to a main road? Only a numpty can fail to see this.
  5. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    No, it's just you who can't see it, but pls don't struggle with it anymore.
  6. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    And the erroneous claim that none would reach a main road when in fact a great many would? Basically the whole statement is tosh, as is the norm for you.
  7. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    Of course it would never happen, because people don't all drive at the same time, it's a theoretical point based on the number of vehicles out there. doh.
  8. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    You really are a doddering fool sometimes. Your argument is stupid. You claim that if every car set off simultaneously ( which would never happen) none would get to a main road. Not even those parked on or next to a main road? Utter nonesense and rightly called for the BS it is.
  9. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    perhaps the community police are all working there ? !
  10. ran out of straws to grasp
  11. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    The number of vehicles on our roads is only a fraction of those available at any given time, start observing your surroundings for a change, you might see all the parked cars.
  12. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    but the claim is so patently stupid it deserves nothing but ridicule, whether you are making it up or regurgitating someone else nonsense Karl Pilkington above has called it right, BS
  13. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    I googled lap dancing in warrington and read the 2013 article in the guardian yesterday. Places like that are too exciting for me now. ( a bowl of cornflakes is probably too exciting for me )
  14. New car tax rules ?

    The article I read , claimed diesels would be hammered (no surprise), but then suggested that hybrids would be hit too. There were variations with age and exhaust test results; so I'm not sure that it's simple by any means.
  15. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    More profound comment - not.
  16. New car tax rules ?

    I must confess i had a look on the government website to see what my old banger would set me back next time & i seemed to be going round in circles as it was telling me what tax on new cars would be.
  17. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    It has been disguised as a clothes recycling bank Milky .
  18. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    Not at the lap dancing club by any chance?
  19. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    It's what got me going in the first place Yes, that is the one, know it well Evil?
  20. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    allow me to quote a TV expert
  21. as always the thread meandered.
  22. Yesterday
  23. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    Please don't tell me what happens cos I'll be in work so will have to watch on catch up Tuesday.
  24. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    Aww I'm so glad to hear the gent is ok Algy and thanks for the update I drove past when the road was closed by the police and heard on the local Wire FM radio that he had been cut from his car but was in a serious condition. Gawd they really shouldn't say things like that unless they know the facts. The same so called 'local' radio station was reporting tailbacks all the way up Wilderspool Causeway, through Bridge Foot and all the surrounding roads at the time too..as I was driving up them wondering where all the traffic they were mentioning was. PS Did you mean to say he was a 'fiend' of one of your wife's friends though or did you mean 'friend' I bet he will laugh if he find out you said that ha ha. x
  25. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    I'l be watching it Monday.
  26. Sorry but I don't quite get what smoking and drinking has to do with gender reassignment and/or the belief that a person has been born into the 'wrong' body type. I must be missing something......
  27. New car tax rules ?

    I haven't seen them...off to google now just in case I buy a new car in the next few weeks on a whim.
  28. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    Naughty...but blummin' funny
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