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  2. yes Algy, short of inventing a time machine and travelling back to when it was in decent nick, buying it and keeping it in good condition for the present I don't know what else could be done, unless you have a better plan
  3. Signed, sealed and delivered, well! that's the end of that PJ.
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  5. Father's Day

    “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.” ― Mark Twain N.B. Although this quote is attributed to Mark Twain, the fact that his father died when he was 11 puts some doubt in the picture. But it does have some truth in it's meaning .
  6. Loosing it

    no problem Evil Sid, I just wanted to make it a little clearer what happened.
  7. Loosing it

    PJ i do apologise but it was unclear in your post and i assumed that the old person was on foot and not driving. as for the reckless driving bit it was not an accusation merely a statement of what could be put down on any charge that the police might bring had an accident occurred. It was not meant as a criticism of you or your driving. I could have easily have said driving without due care and attention. again not criticism of your driving just an observation should charges arise. in saying that not too long back i was nearly wiped out by some young guy who saw gap in traffic and went to pull out. both he and i were lucky in that he managed to slam the anchors on and i managed to swerve across his front. good job i was on the bike and not in the car, or maybe not as he seemed to be oblivious to the bike and just saw a gap. had i been in the car he would in all probability not pulled out in front of me.
  8. World Cup

  9. Loosing it

    Why wait until 65? Why not every year after the age of, say, 18?
  10. Loosing it

    Perhaps it’s time for retests each year after the age of 65?
  11. Loosing it

    Evil Sid, the reckless driving accusation is wrong. The old duffer I referred to pulled out onto the main road from a side street right in front of my van. I was within the speed limit and able to stop. I don’t think the dopey old buzzard even realised how close they had come to causing a serious accident and how lucky they were not to be injured or worse.
  12. Plastic problem ?

    somebody mentioned the other day that they are thinking of giving a refund on plastic bottles returned and recycled. Like they used to do years ago with your beer bottles. have also seen an article where a train station or bus station was giving a ticket for recycling plastic bottles. so many bottles per ticket. there is also a company that use recycled ground up plastic to make roads. (McRebur)
  13. World Cup

    leeds v saints game was good one though.
  14. Loosing it

    smart phones. dumb people. I the case of the older generation they could have hearing and sight difficulties as well as being unstable on their feet due to having managed to survive for so long. The young have no such excuse as being old, just the excuse that they needed to know what their mate who is about three yards behind them was doing after school or the like . however had you not managed to avoid adding to the Darwin list or relieving the NHS of some burdensome bed blocker, who would have been at fault? Well you would for not driving with due care and attention. That the person you had hit was oblivious to the fact you were driving recklessly down the road is no excuse. (the fact that you had hit a person automatically gives the assumption the you are driving recklessly in some eyes) it is not only pedestrians that are smart phone zombies, an increasing number of cyclist deem it unthinkable to be able to cycle along without head phones and smartphone, even to the point of using both hands to fiddle about with the playlist or send text or whatever it is they do on them. As a youth it was considered daring to ride a cycle with your hands off the handle bars, these days it it is almost compulsory. on the subject of spell checkers, do you have the US english spell checker installed or the UK english spell checker.(with appropriate dictionaries)?
  15. Hill Cliffe. Help please?

    Hardly changed at all!.
  16. Loosing it

    A sentence as in a period of time or a sentence as in a number of words strung together?.
  17. Loosing it

    Trying yet failing asperity Hahahaha
  18. World Cup

    Off to a tame start, but tonight's Spain/Portugal game brought some excitement back. It'll all die away again with England/Tunisia though .
  19. Loosing it

    I was tempted to mention the spelling of "losing" but I'm trying to get away from the "spelling/grammar pedant" thing. Apparently it doesn't matter anymore because we all have computers with spellcheckers hahahahaha
  20. Loosing it

    Well two youngsters have succumbed to Darwin's theory, by falling from 100ft sea wall in Portugal. What were they doing ? - Taking selfies - yet another dense youthful trend.
  21. Loosing it

    And I have had to do the same to avoid splatting some old duffer oblivious to the world around them. The previous generation simply killed each other by the million, let’s hope our offspring have more sense .
  22. Loosing it

    Tons of anecdotal out there; just had to do an emergency brake as a school girl walked onto the road right in front of me; earphones in and eyes on her i-phone - Darwinian theory didn't work in this instance !
  23. Loosing it

    Just asked my 10 year old daughter how to spell the word ‘losing’ she nailed it so a bit of anecdotal evidence to go along with the science, lol
  24. Plastic problem ?

    Just been doing a bit of reading up on the developments within the plastics industry and it seems that a fair bit of what we now see as ordinary plastic may actually be biodegradable rather than recyclable. Fantastic I thought but it seems because both compostable and recyclable look identical, they end up in the same recycling bin. This mixing often means that they can't be recycled and all end up going into landfill which sort of defeats the object of creating a compostable plastic. Food for thought. Bill
  25. Loosing it

    No mention of any specific study I notice, so another one left to opinion.
  26. NHS again -

    We're being told that the NHS is short of 30,000 trained medics and that limits on visas is starving the NHS of suitable overseas recruits. So, providing work visas are time limited, I see no reason for not recruiting the shortfall from abroad, in order to solve the shortage issue and allow these recruits to improve their expertise for service back in their homelands. Meanwhile, HMG tell us that 10,000 indigenous medical students are currently in training to fill the void. But then we discover that an older cohort of Doctors are due for retirement creating more vacancies. We're also being told, that 40% of newly trained Doctors leave after their training, which costs the tax-payer £500,000 a pop. So, why aren't medical students contracted to the NHS on the basis of serving for 25 or 30 years for the privilege of their free education and training, to be repaid should they leave early ?
  27. Loosing it

    or...... https://cosmosmagazine.com/social-sciences/why-are-children-smarter-their-parents btw I think there is only 1 'o' in losing, unless the OP means he is making something looser than it was
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