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  2. Not so smart M/ways -

    Stallard That's a bit off the pound a gallon you mentioned earlier, when did you last check the exchange rate? Using today's rate, you're actually paying about £1.60 while we currently pay about £5.50 per gallon. But what the heck you all have plenty of money over there to fill up those big V8s Sadly that'll probably be this poor Brit's last road trip to the states unless the rates change dramatically or I win the lottery again so I can afford first class. Bill
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  4. Not so smart M/ways -

    Everything is cheap in Texas Bill, land, houses, food etc, especially compared to California. I usually pay between $60 and $80 for a decent hotel room (Holiday Inn or similar). $25.00 for a full steak meal (with wine) in a good restaurant. My buddy and his wife recently paid $700 for a room in San Francisco. I pay an average of $2.10 per gall with my Walmart discount card.
  5. Not so smart M/ways -

    In contrast, we take at least a year just setting up heavy duty security measures on huge stretches of tens of miles at a time during which speed restrictions are in place. I think we might also do the work in the night as nobody ever seems to be working during the day and it's not uncommon for this to continue for several years at a time. At least doing it this way doesn't encourage more people to use the motorways which may be part of the thinking. BTW petrol must be as cheap as water in Texas as we were paying between $3.30 to $4.25 in California. Bill
  6. Not so smart M/ways -

    It's only a little car Asp, 8 liter V8 Ford Expedition SUV, with three row seating and a 30 gall tank, does about 15 mpg on the highway, at just over a Pound a gall, the gas cost does add up. However the tank truck that follows me has in-flight refueling !!! A couple of things that I noticed were different between driving in the US (especially in Texas) and the UK. First we have the real estate so the lanes are wider and you can actually relax for long periods, rather than whiteknuckling it 2" from another vehicle. There are monster parking lots everywhere that very rarely get half full, so we don't have the hair raising pavement parking on both sides of a highway. There are very few traffic circles and if there happens to be one, it doesn't become a 'survival of the fittest' competition. In fact the average US driver drives fairly sedately. Most maintenance type construction on busy highways takes place between six pm and six am, with all obstructions removed daily. Finally, we have the greatest traffic rule ever - legal to turn right on red ! (providing the road is clear). Or in your case it would be left on red. Did I get my spelling right Asp?
  7. Not so smart M/ways -

    Well I'm back home now after 3 weeks of driving in the US where we covered just over 2k miles and in all that time, we only had one small hold up for road works due to a bridge repair on a minor road. It's difficult though to directly compare our motorways with those in the US as many of them are interstates covering long distances with few exits and not quite as much traffic. Get into the city areas though and they become much like the UK but the notable differences were. (1) The motorways were often just two lanes in each direction without any paved hard shoulder but with a wide central separation area without arm-co barriers. This allows for a broken down vehicle to pull off the road on either side of the carriageway and in the event of a major tailback, emergency vehicles don't get stuck in any queues. (2) Compared to the UK, the US seemed less obsessed with slowing the traffic down in roadworks. There were no miles of cones, concrete barriers and definitely no average speed cameras. Just a sign warning of the roadworks and that fines are double in that area. Often there were no speed restrictions and where there was, it was only a drop of about 10 mph. (3) I only saw a handful of cop cars over the entire journey but despite this, I didn't really see many going much faster than myself. Virtually everyone seemed to stick around the limit (probably using cruise control) so there wasn't any of the constant speed up then heavy breaking we have here. There was also quite a lot of big lorries but they didn't hang about either. I doubt they had limiters like ours because I never saw any of the side by side stuff we get far too often. Bill
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  9. And I have never seen so many swans on the Sankey Canal so they aren’t eating them as was promised
  10. Deal or No Deal ?

    Interesting that the cracks are appearing in the EU, with a 20% hole in their un-audited budget; either the net contributors are going to have to pay more, or the net recipients are going to get less. Add to this Brussel's dictate to Poland and Hungary to take in migrants, and we seem to have a perfect storm for an implosion.
  11. ….and paying in thousands of pounds more than us British, simply not on. Who do they think they are keeping income tax down and helping us to cope with a rapidly aging population. Bloody arrogant show off forrinners. Great thing is EU migration into the UK is down by a third so lets rejoice at the fall in revenue for the treasury.
  12. Not so smart M/ways -

    solar powered vehicle maybe? Hybrid vehicle? getting about 200 miles per gallon 10 gallon tank and there is a two thousand mile trip. It is all about MPG.
  13. Deal or No Deal ?

    I'll go with "no deal" too; we're being threatened by the Remoaners with everything up to and including an asteroid heading for the UK, due to our Brexit decision. The reality is however, somewhat different; as the EU sell twice as much to us as we do to them, so trade restrictions will hit them harder, and late in the day, I think they're beginning to realise it. The problem for us is, that we have an elite of Remoaner politicians in Parliament, determined to scupper the will of the people and cave in to EU domination. So ultimately, it for the electorate to decide one way or the other at the next G/Election, and just hope that they're not so fickle, that they change their minds.
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  15. Deal or No Deal ?

    No Deal sounds good to me. Labour don't want anything except to get into power and, this time, ensure that they can't lose it again.
  16. Not so smart M/ways -

    I don't want to throw a fly into your ointment here, but how many thousand miles to the gallon does your car go or, to put it another way, how many gallons does your gas tank hold?
  17. Not so smart M/ways -

    Welcome to the States Bill, hope you enjoy it. On travel, I can jump onto IH-10 in Beaumont ,Texas and drive several thousand miles to LA without stopping, or I can go the other way to Miami also without a stop (if I had a better bladder).
  18. Deal or No Deal ?

    Well TM says it's her deal or no deal, but will that get through Parliament ? Seems Labour are going to vote against any deal and try to force a G/Election. But if they keep us in the EU, won't that confound their mass re-nationalisation plans ? The waters get muddier .
  19. Not so smart M/ways -

    Think we can wait for the Government Review and see whether a Tory Gov agrees with you ! What's clearly the case is that Labour won't and if Jezz ever makes it to No 10, they'll Nationalise it; if of course we have left the EU first !
  20. Not so smart M/ways -

    Well you have to admit that Railtrack aren't fulfilling their duties in maintaining and upgrading the track, and the RMT aren't looking after the interests of the commuter (however much they claim to be doing) but looking after their own interests. As for dismissing BBC and Channel 4 news, well I do that anyway.
  21. Not so smart M/ways -

    So it's now a conspiracy ? Seems the Gov have ordered a review of franchise model, so no doubt it will all come out in the wash. Meanwhile, I guess we can dismiss any BBC or CH4 news reports from commuters waiting hours for trains that they can't fit on !
  22. Not so smart M/ways -

    Which is what I said actually. Northern Rail isn't failing because of what it is doing, it is failing because RMT and Railtrack are conspiring against them being able to do. If Railtrack were to do their job, and the RMT were to progress beyond 1978, we might actually get somewhere.
  23. Not so smart M/ways -

    BBC, CH4 = fake news !
  24. Not so smart M/ways -

    Which just goes to show you don't know what you're talking about. Do a bit of research, but avoid the Guardian, BBC, Channel 4 etc like the plague.
  25. Not so smart M/ways -

    And here's me thinking it was franchise holders who couldn't organise a p$ up in a brewery !
  26. Not so smart M/ways -

    And there you are proving my point. The recent timetable debacle caused by the nationalised Network Rail.
  27. Not so smart M/ways -

    Wasn't meant to be a "poll"; just an almost daily event reported during the recent timetable debacle !
  28. Not so smart M/ways -

    Ask a selection of the public about any subject and you'll find a few moaners. Not exactly a scientific poll.
  29. Wigan v Wire

    seems to be the problem with tomkins this season, either he plays a blinder or spits the dummy out if decisions go against his team. Thought the new signing made a good showing, not afraid to get stuck into the bigger players and seemed to be no respecter of reputation. The game did lack a certain winning attitude from both teams and plays seemed to be rather predictable up to the final ten minutes at least. Man of the match for me Robert Hicks. No messing no mithering I am in charge end of story go away.
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