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  2. All's well that ends well. Glad you are ok.
  3. Last Saturday of all things, I started with a head cold, cough, sneezing, blocked then draining sinuses, which equaled sore throat. My first thought was obvious ! I was still feeling groggy on Monday, so we called the assigned number to book a covid19 test. Drove into town on Wednesday to CVS pharmacy drive through window, swabbed both nostrils and was told to go home, isolate and wait for results. They just called and said 'negative' ! So I just wasted a week of my life for nothing ! At least, if it had been positive it would seem more worthwhile. Actually, I pretty much knew what it would be, cos the day after the test I was back on my Peleton working out and feeling fine. So you see a cold is not a cold any more, it's a panic button !
  4. And one off Bewsey road a converted terraced house front room.On Pitt Street before it was demolished in early 70's
  5. Sod going outside. Cold and damp ๐Ÿฅถ. Under the kitchen table with a nice mattress from upstairs.warm and cosy with kettle always on the ring ready for a cuppa.
  6. Last week
  7. I've been in the market 3 times this week, buying something on each occasion. I was very impressed with it especially the food court, which I haven't used yet. I'm waiting for Cineworld to open and I'll have my dinner there before the pictures. It isn't like the old style markets like you will find in Bolton and Bury, with very cheap garments and cut price foodstuffs, it's more quality rather than quantity, and matches our towns demographic ideally. Hopefully it will kick start the development of Bridge St. It would be interesting to know how it has affected existing stores like Hancock and Wood, has it taken shoppers away or brought more passing trade.
  8. We used to hide under the stairs or if there was time out in the brick air raid shelter in our backs, everyone holding saucers with lit candles on them.
  9. Don't forget about me Obs, crouching under the dining table every night as they bombed Risley ! Never had any candy 'til I was12 yrs old. We demand recognition. Maybe I should start a movement . Oops, wrong color!
  10. On the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, we're now getting programmes and discoveries with a woke twist. The first is the news that in 1938, a 15 yo girl petitioned for the Spitfire to be fitted with 8 machine guns, with a concentration of fire at 400 yards; what they don't mention, is that many of the pilots had this concentration reduced to less that 200 yards. They also don't mention that the Me109 were fitted with cannon, that fired a bullet over five times bigger than the .303 bullet of the Spitfire; thus far more effective in combat. We then get 3 nights of Dan Snow highlighting the contribution of groundstaff and WAAFs; to hero status, just to keep everything woke inclusive; surprised they didn't throw in some BAME examples. The fact is, that the war was a team event in which everyone played a part, for every front line soldier there were eighteen feeding and supplying him; but at the end of the day, it was those at the front line who did the actual fighting and dying; which in the case of the Battle of Britain, it was the 2,000 pilots of Fighter Command - "the few".
  11. don't know if you saw the actual post but it was full of the "services" this "person" was offering. mainly fake passports and the like. unbelievable really. Still the reporting system works...๐Ÿคจ
  12. Ooops sorry....I've only just seen your reported post about the spammer Evil Sid. Thanks for reporting it and glad to see Gary has removed and blocked the prat
  13. Gary, I am sorry to say that it may be a while until you get that evidence. Using the Death Registration data from ONS up to 26th June Warrington had 108.1 deaths per 100k population with Covid19 on the death certificate in all locations (Hospital, Care Home, Home and the ubiquitous Other). The highest rate in the North West was 142.7 in South Lakeland. The best rate was 42.7 in Ribble Valley. I always check these claims about how good Warrington is. it is worrying that they suggested they could provide it. Places with lower rates include some of our close neighbours so if they still make the claim ask for the basis on which they make it! I have not provided the data because as Asp says, it is not a competition. If you want the numbers in order to seek truth I will happily provide them direct.
  14. The same thing in the ASDA Stall, hardly anybody following the arrows. The worst offenders are the staff (sorry, "colleagues" ๐Ÿ˜‰) stocking shelves and doing the online shopping, who seem to be making a point of going the wrong way. They do keep the numbers inside the store strictly limited though.
  15. Doesn't really matter whether WE condone it or not; it's the Government that allows them in and allows them to stay; the only option we have is our vote. ๐Ÿ˜ 
  16. I I thought the same thing Algy. It won't ever happen. I was in a Super Walmart store last week, the store has all the aisles marked with big green and red signs and arrows to have the shoppers follow the green arrows and not enter the red. It was to get the snake effect, up one aisle down the next, so that you would never have to pass close to anyone. What a joke, only my wife, on my instruction, followed it, all the rest were just wandering up and down any aisle and even stopping in groups mid aisle to chat. I'm afraid the general public is too dumb to handle pandemics.
  17. How many of you use these car wash stations dotted around the town because if you do then I would suggest that you are condoning immigration either legal or illegal!.
  18. I am getting old and my eyesight is not as efficient as it used to be so perhaps my judgement has also become impaired, however I do not not see much social distancing being practised in the new market or perhaps the video gives a false sense of perspective although the hairdresser does appear to be wearing some PPE.
  19. Latch: a big mistake made by Westerners, is the assumption that Chinese business people want to leave China; they now have the freedom to make as much money as they wish, and don't need "democracy" as we know it. If it we're the case that they all wanted democracy, they would have migrated here decades ago.๐Ÿ˜‰
  20. That's the proper way to do it Stall; and one the Gov should impose; by application to the Embassy of the Country you wish to migrate to, in your Country of origin. This would allow medical and security screening at the Embassy, before they issue a visa. Anyone entering without a visa, should be immediately deported and that needs to be written into law by our weak kneed politicians imo; before we're swamped. ๐Ÿ˜ 
  21. Exactly what I was thinking.They will bring a wealth of much needed skills here with them.
  22. That's certainly something that's overlooked by the "open borders" cheerleaders.
  23. I can't claim to have read them all but I've certainly made a sizeable dent in the catalogue. My mum was a librarian so I was always pointed in the direction of good literature!
  24. Their is one factor that gets overlooked and it is why illegal immigration pisses me off. I made an application to immigrate into the States after I had secured a job. I then sat in England for over two years before I got notification of my interview. Maybe that situation needs to be looked at, but that doesn't change the fact that there are millions of similar people waiting patiently for legal entry, while these a-holes soak up all of the legitimate available quotas.
  25. Excellent Asp. Welcome to the club. I had read every book and novel by the time I was sixteen and almost physically cried when I realized there were no more!
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