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  2. Most popular name ?

    not something that i have come across either. I have to watch what i type though as i tend to find that my typing is often half a paragraph behind what i am thinking of typing which then leads to me stopping and having to spend a minute or two trying to sort out where i am up to. i also find that i type so fast that i end up with spaces in the wrong place so have to go back and edit the words to make sense. I have found that faceache has an odd habit of being about half a sentence behind what i am actually typing when i do post on there. can be really annoying, especially when you try to edit to catch up and it puts the cursor in the middle of the sentence. i usually end up deleting the lot and starting again. I remember when PC's were first gaining popularity and they had a 250 character type ahead. anybody who was a touch typist often had to stop and wait for the characters on the screen to catch up. could be quite funny seeing them sat there and words appearing on the screen without them touching the keyboard.
  3. Brexit's losers -

    Hopefully, was it Junkers speech earlier this week about the European superstate will jolt a few remoaners into recognising what perils future membership of the conglomerate would have in store for the UK . Perhaps Vince von Cable & his cohorts should consider emigrating to the EU.
  4. Most popular name ?

    It's never happened to me Bill....... Could it be that you perhaps somehow highlighted your text before pressing 'return' as that would then delete whatever was highlighted.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Brexit's losers -

    I agree visa v Germany; they are clearly hissed off at providing the largess to all these begging bowls; but the way it seems to work is that they lend the money for the rest to buy their cars etc, then still demand interest on the loans (EG Greece). The problem is Con, we can't "mean it", because we have an EU 5th column in Parliament determined to wreck the will of the people as per the referendum result, and with some in the Tory Party, seek to sabotage any display of our real strengths. EG: the future of EU citizens in the UK, which imo should be a card to play. I can't see that Poland would welcome the return of over 3 million ex-pats to start consuming their public services and benefits. We've also got this obsession with the single market, which is in reality, no more than a glorified protection racket and any reversion to WTO rules is a two way street - thus tit for tat tariffs - if that's how they want to play it. The reality is, there is no such thing as a "soft" Brexit; anything less than leaving the single market, the customs union and the ECoJ, means we're still in the EU, but with no political input (like Norway).
  7. Brexit's losers -

    That was indeed how it started but the no deal is better than a bad deal narrative was intended to scotch that idea and it does seem to be dawning on the Member States that we mean it. The Member States are asking Barnier to take a more realistic position. You are of course right about the disparate nature of the States but the Germans really aren't happy about being the only paymaster!
  8. Brexit's losers -

    What the Gov don't seem to realise, is that the EU has to be seen to give us a bad deal; in order to stop the other 27 from exiting too. The east Europeans are at odds with Brussels over their migrant inflicting dictatorship, the southern Europeans are struggling with basket case economies; the only thing keeping them together is their belief in handouts from Brussels. Well, if we leave them with a 20% hole in their budgets, it's going to sting; so they're trying to bluff £billions out of us to soften the blow.
  9. Brexit's losers -

    I see it rather differently .... Barnier asked for 100million but no concessions at all. May has offered 20 million and two years free trade. The principle that we will only pay for future benefit is now clearly proposed. I thought it was for two year up the end of the EU budget but after Brexit, so free trade but no freedom of movement and registration of EU nationals who are here. I see no backsliding there.
  10. Brexit's losers -

    .. and now the Tories have caved in and are using bribery as a tool of negotiation; offering £20billion for the privilege of staying in the single market for two more years and receiving continued migration from the EU. Clearly, the majority of politicians believe themselves to be above the will of the people.
  11. Most popular name ?

    How did you know that Asp ??? Bill Edit Well that's another post I can't be bothered re typing. Anybody else finding that whole blocks of typing often just disappear when hitting the return key? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  12. Grid lock -

    Might make it a bit easier when somebody threatens to jump off one they can make the other two way so less traffic hold ups.
  13. Last week
  14. Search for new coach begins

    Apparently NRL news feed reporting our decision is between Maguire and Pay. Board meeting tomorrow afternoon... Have you heard anything similar Gary or have any other "more accurate" information?
  15. Most popular name ?

    Was it the Billing Department Bill?
  16. Most popular name ?

    At work 50% of my customers are Pakistani and the majority of them are called Mohammed it's just an incredibly common name. When I started work back in the mid sixties I worked in a department with just 11 people and seven of us were all called Bill! Mohammed
  17. Grid lock -

    Padgate Lane / Green Lane junction was a bit of a nightmare at 5pm but still don't know where the accident was. I doubt Stretton or Warburton would have had any impact? Bill
  18. Grid lock -

    It might make Penketh Road quieter though
  19. Will Fat Boy get his nukes ?

    Well it is one of the three options !
  20. Grid lock -

    Diz, this was earlier than that, and sadly now the norm - queues in Battersby Lane, and around the Island, Orford Laneski. Getting back to the question, can't see two toll bridges in Widnes improving matters - can you ?
  21. Most popular name ?

    Perhaps a gender neutral name - just to be on the safe side ? !
  22. Bomb proof material

    Not at all Dizzy, everyone is entitled to an opinion.
  23. Grid lock -

    I don't know, these inconsiderate people having accidents and delaying Obs like that!
  24. Cockhedge Foot Bridge

    There are light controlled crossings outside the Looking Glass and by the bus station too.
  25. Will Fat Boy get his nukes ?

    Given Donalds attitude to threats, he may get some from America, express delivery.
  26. Most popular name ?

    Had a look at that article and was trying to figure out what the time period for the collection of those statistics were. Is it between 2015 and 2016. or between 2016 and 2017. or even 2014 and 2015. The article does not make it very clear. One spin you could put on the info as opposed to "Mohamed is becoming more popular" one,Is "Out of the 46,601 people who's names appear on in the top ten names list 42,693 are NOT called Mohamed" Its like saying six out of seven dwarfs were not happy. Maybe the people called Mohamed were named for some famous figure, hailed as one of the greatest in his time and still revered as such to this day. Traditional names seem to be dying out due to celebrity influences and odd fancies of new mothers to be that bit "different". I have three young relatives whose names are Blaide, Rain and Hunter.
  27. Most popular name ?

    been on holiday Fugs ?
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