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  2. Windrush -

    It appears that, not only in this country, but in the USA voter fraud is endemic and for some obscure reason the left of centre parties are against any form of voter ID being put in place. I wonder why. (When I say left of center parties I include the Tories and the Republican party, otherwise known as RINO).
  3. Windrush -

    I "got it" a long time ago Con, in fact, I've posted on here about it when discussing postal voting, and how the ethnic vote is delivered; which is why I'm suggesting things need to be tightened up. As for the civil service, like many other organisations, they too appear to operate in silos.
  4. Windrush -

    We are all on some kind of database, however the polling clerks do not have access to those and will demand photo ID which many do not have. Failing that you take household bills which the hapless clerk is supposed to be able detect as genuine, because they have obvious seen every kind before, NOT. However if you give a postal vote in an Old Folks have with the help of your local candidate you won't need any ID. Do you get it now, there is an inbuilt Labour bias in this and the tories are introducing it, cretins. The Windrush landing cards saga was signed off inside the civil service, Alan Johnson was Home Secretary at the time and says he didn't see any request. The significance was well understood by the dome office who put the issue clearly in subsequent immigration act impact assessments. However the DWP and NHS didn't think to read that in writing their own decision making manuals. The DWP ones are a work of art in general and are as clear as mud on most subjects. I suspect this is a classic civil service cock-up and not a heinous conspiracy, However much leftards like Corbyn try to make it the latter.
  5. Windrush -

    Don't think it was a Gov "initiative" to deliberately target W/Indian immigrants, but rather a sound policy that was mis-applied by jobs worths, and compounded by a lack of data; hence the need for a system that accounts for every bona-fide citizen. There are still an estimated million illegal migrants unaccounted for, with more arriving every day. When caught, the usual routine is to apply for asylum, then the HR lawyers take over at tax-payer's expense in legal aid, and cases drag on for years. There is clearly a case for a system that provides speedy deportation of "illegal" entrants and proper records of ID for legal citizens.
  6. Windrush -

    This is one of the nastiest initiatives ever enacted by a UK government. Harassing innocent people who are legally resident here and ripping apart the lives of some of them. It's not any liberal agenda you have to worry about here.
  7. Windrush -

    Strange that the politicos who don't want ID would happily fly the flag for communist & socialist states that are propped up by having tightly run police states.
  8. Brexit

    With both Houses of Parliament being dominated by Remoaners, we have the prospect of them trying to keep us in the Customs Union; which, in effect, would mean we won't actually leave the EU, and won't be able to sign unilateral trade deals elsewhere. Hopefully, the PM will persist in efforts to leave the CU, and if the Remoaners wish to sabotage negotiations on "a deal"; then let's quit with no deal; pay them nothing and leave them with a 20% hole in their budget.
  9. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Having just passed through Stockton Heath village, I have to say, in contrast to the TC, it's looking quite vibrant, despite having a major crossroad at it's centre.
  10. Windrush -

    Not sure what your getting at Con, but I'd always been under the impression that we were all on some kind of data base, but evidently not; and the apparent inability of HMG to introduce viable IT systems hasn't helped. I recall a Labour Home Secretary, who described the Home Office as "not fit for purpose", floating the idea of ID cards for everyone; which on reflection, we should have introduced. I keep coming back to the simple notion, that if everyone was stored on a national computer system, with E-passports, they could be counted in and counted out. Basically the system used by Cruise Ships, which takes about 30mins to organise when you arrive at the ship. Alas, it seems to me, that those on the left of politics, prefer no system of ID, making the waters of the electoral system much more muddy and thus open to manipulation.
  11. Windrush -

    Unfortunately there are many people born in the UK who do not drive, or travel abroad but possess no photo ID because they have never needed it. The idea of taking up to date household bills as a means of identification for checking by staff who do not know how to check documents is a disaster waiting to happen and an affront to democracy.
  12. Last week
  13. Windrush -

    That's the theory Asp; but your last sentence covers it. !
  14. Windrush -

    But you can't vote if you're not on the voting register, and I presume you can't register to vote if you're in the country illegally. Or am I presuming some sort of competence on behalf of government?
  15. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    not to me they don't, can't stand tea. last cup of tea i had was in 1965 and i didn't drink that. something when i was very young put me off tea, it got so that even the smell would make me feel nauseous. not so bad these days but cannot drink tea even if my life depended on it. seems that trendy coffee houses are the norm these days. cafe's were easier it was tea, coffee,chocolate, horlicks or bovril for your hot drinks. nowdays you have to spend ten minutes reading the varieties and variations to try and find one that you can at least recognise and just might drink. One other thing i miss is proper mugs for drinks. they seem to have three types now. shaving mug ones with those ridiculously small handles that you can't get a finger into and can't grip. Ice cream type ones that you used to get served sundaes in in some places, and those thimble sized ones that have about two drips of coffee in.
  16. Windrush -

    One can see the liberal agenda at work here, really milk this windrush saga and put the Gov on the defensive, thus weakening their resolve to sort immigration out. Now the liberals are attacking Gov plans to require proof of identity in order to vote, saying it will deter immigrants from voting - well of course it will, if they are here illegally. Still, a good indication of where they expect to get their support from.
  17. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Yep, be lost without your spell checks Asp !
  18. Playing with fire ?

    Most people only know what is supposedly happening under the Trump administration through the mainstream media which has been virulently anti-Trump since he started campaigning for the election. It's interesting to hear the views of someone "on the ground" so to speak without the media bias.
  19. Playing with fire ?

    Be interested in the size of the deficit at the end of his term, given his infrastructure commitments. As for the rest, I don't disagree Tex.
  20. Playing with fire ?

    As a very serious political pundit, who followed every minute of the Primary and Presidential debates, I can tell you straight that Trump's position regarding non-involvement or not, was a very minor, irrelevant part of his campaign. His platform, as I stated, was Isis, illegal immigration, jobs and the economy and the only thing that he has not fulfilled is building a southern wall, that is because the Democrats are blocking the funding. The only reason that he has not yet left Syria, is because of the recent poison gas attacks, which affected the strategy. You are a little uninformed regarding US taxes. Due to deductions like earnings level, child credits, home mortgage deductions, etc, sixty percent of Americans pay no taxes at all. The major changes just effected, have no 'slashing' of any kind. Everybody in every category benefited, rich and poor. ( why do you feel that taxes should be designed to be punitive to any group?). The most important feature of the tax bill, is the lowering of the Corporate Tax rate, which helps the US be more competitive worldwide. This alone has already created jobs due to businesses expanding and has also started a wage raise phase. Hillary Clinton is, in my opinion, one of the most despicable Americans ever, narrowly beaten by Charles Manson. She has been a criminal all of her life, starting when she was a young lawyer and was involved in the Whitewater real estate scam. She has used her position to thumb her nose at the law every day. The evidence appears to show, that the Clinton Foundation actually extorted money from foreign governments when she was Secretary of State. Foreign governments were making $50,000,000 donations to the foundation and the next week, their representative would get an interview with Clinton, followed by some request being approved. The Clintons take eighty percent of the Foundations income for personal expenses. Right now, the Inspector General at the Justice Dept, is investigating her for allowing Top Secret documents to be kept on her unsecurephone and those of her staff. Very serious stuff. Several low level, military guys have gotten prison sentences for similar things. Let's see if she can corrupt this investigation. Of course, if she's found guilty, it will be because she's a woman or its rascist.
  21. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Cappuccino actually Sid ! but they do serve tea !
  22. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    When was the last time you bought a cup of coffee? and by that i mean a cup of coffee and not a caramel fudge double frappé latte with a a shot of hazelnut. I had to go into town yesterday for my new glasses and spent five minutes staring at one of those costa machines trying to find a white coffee.( i was wearing my glasses at the time so not down to poor eyesight). On-line shopping is getting harder to avoid these days as quite a lot of stores have great goods on offer but you can ONLY purchase them on-line and not in store. It often puzzles me when i have gone into a place and found that the price on-line was actually less than the in store price despite the fact that it has to be delivered as opposed to taken off a shelf. VIRTUAL REALITY, for those who can't cope with actual reality.
  23. The House of geriatrics -

    Yes . I see i replied to the wrong topic !
  24. The House of geriatrics -

    If everyone who has worked in the UK is issued with an NI number, I fail to see how the mistake was made, as they must be on a data base. Meanwhile, we're getting daily deliveries of illegal migrants in the back of trucks, which don't seem to get deported.
  25. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Which means there will be less high street stores and more ghost towns.
  26. The House of geriatrics -

    I see. What i find strange with the Windrush saga is the length of time these people have been in the UK before they were found to be "undesirable". These people had ancestors who fought & died for freedom in the world wars & only found themselves in the Caribbean as a result of ancestors being transported there as slaves probably to benefit Britain. Absolute scandal.
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