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  2. Brexit behaviour will not be on the ballot papers. You can check how any former MP voted on any of the motions including Brexit Votes in the House of Commons here: https://commonsvotes.digiminster.com/ It is the official vote data from the House of Commons used by the broadcasters and the parties.
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  4. It seems you are spot on, But even I wasn't knocking around back then 😅😅 Here is the schedule. 2 Early Liverpool Coaching MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY : I Ockinton, Plimouth .... .... .... .... 1. s. i EVERY MONDAY : I To Darneton, Ferryhil, Helperby and | Northallerton .... .... .... .... xlv. s. it Durham .... .... .... .... .... Iv. s. 1 ,, Newcastle .... .... .... .... .... Iv. s. : I Once every fortnight to Edinburgh, iv. £ a peece, on j I Mondays. ' Every Friday to Wakefield, in 4 days .... xl. s. i All persons who desire to travel into the cities and towns ' and roads herein hereafter mentioned and expressed, | namely to Coventry, Litchfield, Stone, Namptwich, Chester, I Warrington, Wigan, Chorley, From the same paper of 24 June, 1658 : f I The Postmasters on Chester road petitioning have received \ 1 orders and do accordingly publish the following advertise- i i. ment: '' I All gentlemen, merchants and others who have occasion ; i to travel between London and Westchester, Manchester j j and Warrington, or any other town upon the road for the | : accommodation of trade, despatch of business and ease of j i purse, upon every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning * betwixt six and ten of the clock at the house of Mr. ;; Christopher Charteris at the sign of the Hart's Horns in West Smithfield, and postmaster there, and at the postmaster at Chester and at the postmaster of Warrington, may have . ; a good and able single horse or more furnished at 3d. the mile without charge of a guide, etc., etc. j ,. All those who intend to ride this way are desired to give i ( a little notice beforehand if conveniently they can to the \ I several postmasters where they first take horse. That is all I can find out, But I was also aware that King James used Warrington as an overnight stop for the transport of Captured Scottish Rebels to London For transporting to the colonies as forced labour.... Possibly why there is such a large contingent of Canada having strong Scottish Ancestral ties ?
  5. I say ,are there any plans for an MP's Brexit tendencies to be shown on ballot papers or where can such info be found ?
  6. Didn't the Lichfield/Warrington Flying Coach stop there in the days of horse drawn coach travel ?
  7. You would think the ever burgeoning cost of HS2 would be better spent on countrywide flood defences. The cost of HS2 is rising faster than inflation, perhaps this is the type of inflation pension rises should be calculated on.
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  9. If all the world were paper If all the seas were ink If all the trees Were bread and cheese What would we do to drink?
  10. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to spare. Think we did this as a topic last year and we're still here; with politicians circling the Don Valley trying to pick up votes from disgruntled victims of flooding. But ALL politicians have known for decades that there is a problem and it needs sorting, but have they addressed it - apparently not; probably too busy monitoring social media for political incorrectness.
  11. Seems Labour are really going for it : everything is to be FREE ! A free weekly wage to every citizen, regardless of whether you work or have worked, thus providing an incentive not to work; the idea was tried and dumped in Finland some time ago; but will no doubt prove a vote winner amongst the work shy. Free education, should increase the number of lifelong students, picking up those micky mouse degrees, whilst being PC programmed. No doubt such policies will be a major attraction to the world's poor, who will be heading through Labour's open doors on to UK streets paved with gold. You really couldn't make it up - but they are !
  12. It was owned by a British investment company Greybull Capital, who sold its carbon emission quotes, took £40 million out of the company then put it into administration.
  13. Do you mean is owned by a foreign entity or now owned by a foreign entity? Yet another foothold in the EU by these inscrutable Chinese....🕵️‍♀️
  14. ... AND haven't said anything on social media that isn't considered PC ! 😆 It's most people's choice to vote for a Party (donkey in a red rosette etc), probably don't know who the candidate is.
  15. A Chinese company have agreed to buy British Steel in Scunthorp. Good news for its employees and other people who rely on it like local businesses, contractors and so on. Both Conservative and Labour party politicians are pleased with the deal yet isn't it sad that yet another company is not owned by a foreign entity
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  17. If you choose to vote for someone because they stand for a particular party that is your choice. You will be aware of a number of MPs who switched parties recently yet remind MPs for the area that is because you vote for the person not the party. You can stand as an MP too providing you are not a Archbishop, Judge, police officer, haven't had a prison sentence of over 12 months, there are a few other criteria to meet and you have to pay£500 deposit. I think you have two weeks left to register!
  18. Of course Milky, but my choice is between Parties NOT individuals, as it's the least worst policy options that get voted for.
  19. Do you not have a vote on Dec 12 this year?
  20. Nope Milky, the weren't "chosen" by the public, they were chosen by their political party - which allows such things as women only shortlists and the parachuting of none local candidates into constituencies. This ensures that the PC London elite provide the candidates with a red rosette for the uneducated Plebs to vote for.
  21. But your repeating yourself OB2, the MPs that are currently serving were chosen by the public I think the problem with our MPs is not that they haven't worked in corner shops but because the majority seem to be lawyers or economists , thPs these problem is that they have not ran a business or anything else. Also most MPs these days are lead by pressure groups of minorities, the gay lobby, the feminists, the environments and they listen to these groups more because they shout the loudest.
  22. Perhaps a prerequisite for becoming a politician would be to spend three years working in a corner shop for basic pay and dealing with the customers etc. and living in "affordable" housing locally with no financial help. (or something similar). It may just give them an idea what working class means before they start spouting on about what the people really want. (which is usually that the bins get emptied and that they can afford to put food on the table and live in a sort of comfort, anything else being considered a luxury)
  23. Indeed Milky; in the early days of the Labour Party, they would indeed be voted in on the basis they were Labour, but they also were an integral part of the class they represented, just like the Tories. Fast forward, and this was lost, when a new middle class elite, basically Islington champagne Socialists; distorted the fundemental objectives of it's origins; giving way to professional career MPs, bent on climbing the greasy pole, and using their electorate as voting fodder, that they probably regarded as uneducated plebs. Rather than sorting out the fundemental issues of the Nation, we now have PC identity politics, piling trivia upon trivia, with the only attempt at rational debate descending into "isms" Alas, the voting public appears to be now catching on, and catching up - let's hope so anyway.
  24. Women do not get as much scrutiny as men and there many people willing to vote for a party ran by couple of guys who support terrorists.
  25. You have to remember that is the public that votes for the MPs that sit in parliament! People tend to vote for the party rather then the candidate and in areas like Warrington North you can put a Labour nomination on an ass and it would be voted in - not that I am suggesting the labour north MP is a donkey, don't want to be accused of hate speech towards MPs. There is little point in standing as an independent in the UK as people won't vote for them.
  26. There's the answer to the questions I posed - Universities ! I'm a Philistine, so my answer would be to close all colleges except Engineering, Science, Business and Medical. Take Hollywood with them too. From experience, if you want to graduate with an engineering degree, you have no time for bullshit. ( it's not that bad Gary !).
  27. In the days of Kier Hardy, we had miners in cloth caps elected to Parliament, people with the same experiences as the folk they represented; then we had the son's of miners, fresh out of University full of theories and bent on climbing the slippery slope. Now we have the snowflake products of our Universities, fully PC programmed, getting a research assistant job with an MP, while seeking to be parachuted into a working class seat under the Labour banner, with voters they cannot relate to. Thus we have the the ivory tower of Parliament V the people.
  28. Bill

    PC State ?

    Such is life these days where you can be held accountable for any minor slip of the tongue or minor indiscretion in your past. Fortunately, it only affects those in higher office or with money so I don’t know about you guy’s but that makes me feel pretty safe in that respect. I don’t know what others think but when it comes to our politicians I’d feel a bit more comfortable with a real person that’s experienced the trials and tribulations of life rather than someone who’s that squeaky clean that they could have groomed for the job. For me, too many of our politicians don’t live in the real world and insist on surrounding themselves with their close-knit supporters which in turn isolates them from reality. And it’s all these “party faithful friends” that are obsessive ones and they’re all too ready to try and dig the dirt and turn it into something it isn’t. I think people who insist on using the likes of Facebook to criticise one party or another or spread the muck, run the risk of losing a lot of their so called friends. Bill
  29. They are the people who will spend hours trawling the internet and news services looking for something to be offended by and then kicking up a stink about it. "I am offended by the fact that i have spent all day looking and not found anything to be offended about" Keeps them off the street i suppose.🤭
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