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  2. But why doesn't anybody call them out on what is clearly a lie ?
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  4. But it will still be the same faces we have now rehashing the same arguments and filibustering on, well until they decide to retire to the house of lords and get their free meals a booze plus expenses for signing the sheet once a day. Sounds easy enough, pull the string blades goes up, let go of the string blade goes down. Even the French managed to get it in one go.
  5. Everything Labour says at the moment is in the same category - they are just saying what Red Len tells them to whilst the parliamentary party is still split like the Tories. They are just hiding behind the SNP a lot of the time.
  6. Boris really doesn't want to team up with Nigel. It would mean constantly having to re-fight the last year of being plagued by a fraction of support that want intrinsically no-deal. It would make the next year of negotiation impossible. The electorate doesn't like landslides, they always go the opposite way if they are told about a landslide. It is a failing, they want strong government but want to vote against it! Boris and, for that matter Cummings, have never wanted a complete break because it make no sense from a security and lots of other practical reasons. You shouldn't think the EU will just roll over after a no-deal, the spirit of De Gaulle lives on in France - they have as much of a superiority complex as the Scots, indeed historically it is the same one!
  7. Edward VIII & Mrs Simpson, seemed have retired into relative obscurity - so why not H & MM ? The problem is imo, MM seeks the flame of fame, then complains when she gets burnt.
  8. Seems the UK currently have better "worker's rights" than the EU, and thus not dependent on membership of the EU. So a red herring hatched by Labour as a Remoaner excuse for opposition to Brexit. If employment standards and environmental standards become matters for our domestic Parliament in any case, this issue will be governed by domestic election results.
  9. It all depends how votes are split or not; if Boris teams up with Nigel, should be a landslide.
  10. All depends on getting the guillotine motion agreed. Then for most of the time the Bill will be in the Committee Stage and that will chaired by the Ways and Means chairman, Lindsay Hoyle and not Bercow. Since it is a Government Bill anything tying future negotiations under the Political Declaration will require a Minister to request Queen's Consent which he will not do. Hoyle will therefore rule such amendments out of order whilst Bercow would not have. The government need Bercow out of the chair for as long as possible. That is the reason for the urgent enquiry about the refusal to offer the meaningful vote. It was a bear trap for Bercow which he fell into. The government did not in fact need the meaningful vote as Clause 42 of the Withdrawal Bill repeals the law that calls for that vote. Cummings is very good, he has been keeping the boys and girls busy doing exercises to stop then mucking up the real business quite brilliantly. He is at the litmus test point now though.
  11. But a general election will change nothing it will still be the same politicians deciding things just a change of which side of the house they sit on. Be like half time at the footy match when teams change ends.
  12. Ah but they have access to british databases for such purposes. Us brits may not have access to their databases in return though. (probably against EU human rights law or something) 🕵️‍♀️
  13. It don't work like that obs. A politician or film star can stop doing what they do and disappear from the lime light. Not so royalty. No matter how tenuous the link to the throne is they are still royalty and thus a target for anybody looking to make a sensation in the world press. The closer to the throne the more of a target they are.
  14. Not bothered, as long as he gets us out by Haloween, preferably without a deal.
  15. Yes Bill, but there's nothing to stop him leaving it.
  16. I am just curious what everyone thinks of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson? I don't like him, I don't trust him, he is only on the Brexit side because he believes it will further his career.
  17. Well the French and Germans can trace UK registered vehicles.
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  19. To be fair, he was born into this role and didn't really have much choice in the matter. Bill
  20. Sure we've all noted the provision of CCTV on our smart M/ways, with number plate recognition technology, to ID speedsters ? Well it seems this milk cow doesn't work on foreign cars, as it can't trace "foreign" number plates - you've just got to laugh !
  21. I can understand Harry's difficulties with memories of the treatment of his mother in the UK papers of the time, he was only an adolescent, but the spotlight comes with the job & pampered lifestyle.
  22. These traitors are worthy of our revulsion.
  23. H and Meghan seem to be stressed out with Royal duties - perhaps they should pack it in and get proper jobs ?
  24. Looks like the EU will offer another extension - so more of our taxes into their coffers, thanks to Remoaner antics.
  25. Seems Bercow agrees, so has now blocked a vote on the deal - Parliament is now clearly the enemy of the people and has sat too long for what it can do - G/Election ASAP.
  26. Ken Clarke thinks Boris' deal is bad. Therefore it must be good QED.
  27. I'll dust my ouji board off so my descendants can let me know as well....👻.. "er was that one knock for yes or two?"
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