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  2. My ex neighbor, a wonderful old lady in her eighties, has been beset with medical problems for about a year. She underwent several operations and months of therapy and finally entered a nursing / therapy home. Due to covid19, she has not had her family at her side through the whole of this ordeal. last week, the home personnel told the family that if she didn't see them soon she was going to die - she had given up. They contacted Greg Abbot, the Govener of Texas and he granted them access, one at a time, to stay with her. Presently she is improving daily. Of course the bunkerhea
  3. Wire narrowly defeat St Helens 20-18 in a close fought game to go through to a semi-final game against Salford. Come on Wire, you can do it again!
  4. So, when everybody has been "infected" can we get back to normal? What's the plan here? 🤔
  5. Seems Covidiots are fuelling the continued spikes in infections - a Bolton man returned from holiday but refused to self isolate for 14 days, instead he went on a pub crawl and infected his mates. Looking at the queues waiting for "tests", there is no social distancing, so if any idiots have got it, they make sure the rest get it too. 😷
  6. or employ more border police to keep them away 🖐️
  7. perhaps if they stopped paying the lawyers the legal aid they could use it to house a few more illegals.....🤭
  8. Well, the woke liberal lawyers are pulling every stroke in the book to keep these migrants in the UK, using HR legislation; they "saved" three the other day, claiming mental ill health. Thus loading the NHS and the taxpayer with a continuing burden. BoJo may be busy with Covid and Brexit, but he should be repealing all HR law, including the ECHR being abused by liberal lawyers, and include a ban on their use of legal aid. 😠
  9. I'm surprised the traffickers aren't using banana boats to ferry people across .They could slip unnoticed onto the beaches of southern England having ,seemingly, been on an exhilarating speedboat trip in the Channel.
  10. I would but they would only deny it. I mean scientists what do they know. My mate down the pubs cousins mate told him that his grandad heard it from a bloke in the library that it was all a big plot to force tracking of peoples movement, nothing to do with a virus at all.......🤭
  11. Only applies to uk residents coming back legally after 4 pm on a saturday......🧐
  12. Yesterday
  13. You may have Sid, cos Nigel's been out there for weeks. Seems the HO are finally getting with it, 10 migrants that landed on an Essex beach have been IMMEDIATELY deported to France and Germany. Complaints from the snowflakes about the risks of Corvid virus in sending them back, doesn't seem to apply to the risks of them arriving it seems. 😠 😷
  14. You don't need to tell me Sid, tell the deniers. 😷
  15. "what part of I TOLD YOU SO didn't you understand" he says in his best Gordon Ramsey inpression.........🤣🤣 It was always going to happen, everybody knew it would, but ignored the advice anyway. So back to jail, do not pass go, do not collect £200......🤭
  16. A correction to my previous post on this. The theme tune for the William Tell TV show was also from the William Tell overture by Rossini, but a different part (and with lyrics by Harold Purcell) from that used for the Lone Ranger.
  17. NHS Hospitals have been told to clear the decks within two weeks for the expected spike in cases - so ground hog day folks. 😷
  18. Incidentally, was it the same bloke who did both theme tunes ,Robin Hood & William Tell ? I know Dick James did Robin Hood ,& he also had a lot of the rights to karaoke tunes when that came on the scene ,Dick James Music.
  19. Even at a tender age i fancied Patricia Driscoll & Mrs Tell (Jennifer Jayne ) was a bit of alright too . Is that stretching the older woman crush a bit too far though ?
  20. funny i mentioned something similar in an earlier post in this topic.
  21. You know as a kid i was always wondering why he was called hamburger gessler. it was only as i got older that i found out the real name was land burger gessler...🤭 I always felt sorry for the guards in those shows. Every week those poor lads would come rushing into the room waving their swords and such around only to be killed off by the hero, even when it was ten to one in their favour. Make you wonder why anybody would want to be a guard in those days. how to tell a cultured person. They are the ones who can listen the william tell overture without automatically thinking "HI HO
  22. I am happy for you stallard. even brexit is taking a back seat to this virus over here on the news. If you read the news pages on here you will know that we had fifteen new cases in a week in warringon alone. Have lost two friends this last month. One was an old friend of the wife's who was just in her seventies, cause unknown by me at present and one was the secretary of our bowls club who passed away last week who was in his ninerties. again cause unknown by me. both could have been natural causes or may have a tenuous link to the virus. as for anybody else i would not know as
  23. Last week
  24. I was right all along, this is just a virulent flu. Everyone is back to work, restaurants are open, casinos are open, life is practically normal. Covid19 is barely mentioned in the news. We had five new cases last week in our county, they were all in their thirties and didn't even know they had it. There were also three deaths, all in nursing homes, all in their nineties, all with multiple health problems and all would probably not have survived the olde thyme flu. However, take the qualifying info out and panickers like Obs would be locking you down ! It's no big deal, follow a cou
  25. Grey moment Latch. Your confusion comes from the Lone Ranger theme being "The William Tell Overture" from the William Tell opera by Rossini. The William Tell tv show had: https://youtu.be/HcfykK8Iw7w
  26. There's a lot of hyperbole around political statements, but this one I can justify. Democrats are evil from top to bottom. Trump has announced that a vaccine will be available within a few weeks. Fizer and several other companies have invested billions of dollars ( please don't say, it's because of profits ! That's not the point) into a speedy vaccine and they have been successful. Unbelievable but what do Harris and Biden do ? They tell the American people not to take the vaccine, Kamala Harris said on tv that she will never take it cos Trump has probably poisoned it ! They are wi
  27. Wait until three weeks from now before drawing a conclusion on that one.
  28. Am I getting a "Grey Moment" or was the theme tune the same as The Lone Rangers ?
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