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  2. very inscrutable those Chinese.....🤫
  3. So the coronavirus kicks off just when millions of Chinese will be travelling within and without China for their New Year, to ensure it spreads globally.
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  5. Looks like the Queen has exercised some hard love and H is OUT completely - just needs private body guards now.
  6. It's nice to see an old established shop like H&W still going. But just before Christmas my wife was dragging me round the shops and saw a cardy in there for my old mum, priced £12. I was all for buying it, but my wife dragged me over the market where the exact same Cardy was £9 on a stall there.
  7. Well that always happens when too many try to jump on the same specialist bandwagon irrespective of where they’re located. Running might be a big thing right now but supplying only running shoes seriously limits the number of visitors, so to keep them coming back they need to be right on their game. It seems very few shops these days stand the test of time and even the big names are deserting our town centres. Perhaps they should look at stores like Handcock and Woods and see if they can work out what the magic formula is. Bill
  8. Some of our shops need to get their act together. My daughter is a keen runner and needed some new running shoes. All her fellow running club members get theirs from a specialist shop in St Helens, where they have a running machine that analyses the way you run and the owner matches specific shoes to the customer. She ended up paying over £100 for a pair. I asked if she had been in the running shop in Golden Square. She said she had but the assistants didn't have much idea about their stock. I noticed today that it is closing down. There's a moral there.
  9. Real life politics is about striking an appropriate balance between apparently opposite policies. That is why single issue policy groups such as the greens will always fail as a result of a failure to compromise. The environmental lobby is often childish in its approach because it doesn't have to engage with others. PR is not the answer either because PR give the power to dictate policy to the smallest group that can swing an issue, the other groups other than the coalition lead usual hold considerably less sway. Without personal mobility (i.e.cars) connectivity is essential and always has been at the heart of economic performance.
  10. Seems to be the current buzz word, with improved transport infrastructure linking the "left behind" areas of the Country with areas of opportunity. So things like Flybe and HS2 would appear essential to economic growth and prosperity. However, that seems to clash directly with environmental concerns and a carbon neutral future. So it seems we can have clean air and reduced carbon emissions, but at the expense of continuing poverty. No wonder the Millenials appear to be a suicide generation.
  11. The term "level playing field" will be the EU theme for negotiation, meaning that if our current alignment with EU rules is maintained, it will mean frictionless trade could continue; whilst any departure would mean tariffs. Sorry M.Barnier but we voted to leave, not for BRINO , so I guess we'll take the friction in return for the freedom; and given we import more from you than we export to you, any tariffs will be reciprocated, no doubt upsetting your farmers and car workers. As for your putting a marker down on access to our fishing grounds, no way, and hopefully the RN will make sure you stay out. It seems the EU now wants to have the cake and eat it, so it's looking like "no deal" if Boris sticks to his guns.
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  13. "BLOCKADE THE PORTS!!!!".....🤣
  14. Before we celebrate Independence Day on 1st Feb 2020; we still have 11 months of "negotiation" to wade through, with the EU trying every which way to cause delay and presumably continue getting our money. Seems they also want access to our fishing grounds and are threatening to prevent our access to their financial market if they don't get it. So Boris still has to "get it done".
  15. Another one off the bucket list then.
  16. Can't help but wonder what happened to that little boat that went in front at about the 37 second mark. Came in from the left and shot in front then disappeared. At that speed he would have had no chance. 🤣
  17. For anyone who doesn't fancy forking out a load of cash to experience a trip through the Panama Canal someone has done it for you. A quick trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic: https://youtu.be/m8TkcWhmByg
  18. They don't do the preventative burns in the fire season Bill, it's obviously done in the winter. Also it has been widely reported that government policy, driven by a "Green" agenda, has led to landowners being heavily fined for trying to clear all the dead foliage from their land to try and reduce the fire risk. If you have a wood burning stove or household fire in Australia you can be fined for collecting deadwood for fuel. Sheer madness. Bear in mind that it is only in very recent years that we have had satellite surveillance of the earth's surface which has enabled accurate measurement of the extent of these fires, so to try and say that they are "unprecedented" is something of an exaggeration.
  19. Well like most people I’m only going off what I hear and see on the news but if you know better, then feel free to update me of exactly when it was worse. You’ve made your views on climate change/global warming very clear and I even agree with much of what you say but the authorities (while not directly blaming climate change), do say the that the scale of this disaster is down to the weather. The fire authorities said they couldn’t carry out a lot of the preventative burns they normally do, not because of any locked gates or green issues but simply because of the weather conditions this year made it unsafe. Suppose it all comes down to who you choose to believe.
  20. I’m sure they’ll be discussing this very point at their meeting today. Given the strong public opinion, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Queen tells Harry to get this right because one isn’t going to be seen bailing anyone out. Bill
  21. If toxic MM wants to become "private", they can hire private security - like most celebs.
  22. The worst fires they've ever had Bill? The first British colony at Botany Bay was established in 1788, a mere 232 years ago. A mere blink of an eye in history really, and it's not even recorded history. The Aborigines used to set fire to brush to clear the land for planting and aid in hunting. In fact Captain Cook called Australia "the continent of smoke" so prevelant were fires at the time. It isn't "Internet conspiracy theories" that set government policies which penalise landowners for trying to protect their property.
  23. I'm no big fan of Greggs but my grandkids certainly aren't very happy that they've stopped doing the meat and potato bakes. These poor excuses for a proper meat and tata pie were apparently just a northern regional option, who'd have thought that? Bill
  24. We will have to pay for their security outside the country in order to make sure that it is reliable. The effects on this country and its foreign policy of one of the Royal Family being kidnapped abroad do not bear thinking about. Terrorists do not count the value of their acts in money and to fight terrorism we have to think like them.
  25. Well yes, according to one of the Labour party wannabees, which I found a bit surprising. Personally, I reckon if they want to distance themselves from the royal family and become financially independent, then they should organise their own security, at least while outside the country. Bill
  26. I’d hope that most thinking people would look at the big picture about what’s happening over there rather than take the word of an Aussie drongo with an internet conspiracy theory. Clearly these are the worst fires they’ve ever had and yes, some of the environmental laws haven’t helped but the consensus view of the professionals is that extreme weather conditions over the last year has been the primary cause. These unusual conditions may well be linked to global warming, but equally so, it could just be down to the natural variability of the weather and that’s never going to change. Bill
  27. So, should we continue paying for the security of H & MM ?
  28. That is refreshing, in stark contrast with the attitude of some MPs who wouldn't consider being friendly towards the "enemy" (Laura Pidock for example). Only by co-operation can anything constructive be achieved.
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