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  2. Red Flag !

    Quite right, 12.8% of the population and 10.7% of the net contributions to the budget and 16% of Gross GDP. That is going to smart, and the reason for all the nastiness I expect.
  3. Red Flag !

    Apparently the good burghers are concerned about the 10% drop in revenue when the UK leaves the club....we are contributing 10% of the revenue & there are 27 other countries involved.
  4. Ambition

    I've been told I'm not ambitious enough. If only there was an olympic sport for being a lazy sod That bronze medal would be mine.
  5. Red Flag !

    The problem with the BBC is that, although it sees itself as unbiased, it actually has a left leaning worldview such that anyone who is actually middle of the road politically is seen as right wing. This has the knock on affect that anyone who is right wing is seen as extreme, and anyone on the left is seen as neutral.
  6. Confused by the News ?

    Sandwiched between interminable curling & Loose Women, i watched some of Daily Politics & a segment had Vince Cable bemoaning the fact that war veteran & arch Europhile Woy Jenkins would be turning in his grave at Britain wanting to leave the EU. Then we are also shown pictures of the big red Euro bus telling us to abandon Brexit.. It all seems strange to me to want to stay in a deepening political union with countries,some of which were happy for us to save their necks 70 years ago but have since been happy to stab us in the back. The original concept of the Common Market was as far as the UK should have taken its involvement with Europe....a trading partnership ,no more ,no less but with an insisted upon proviso that we could have also traded worldwide.
  7. Red Flag !

    Perhaps the BBC find it difficult to find anything more left wing than themselves so are unable to pass any such accusations.
  8. Red Flag !

    What I find amusing is their usual reference to "right wing", " populism", when I thought the essence of a democracy was for a political Party to be exactly that - "popular", in order to glean majority support. Or is it the case that we're the subjects of a liberal elite, that now monopolises the levers of power, including the BBC ?
  9. Local History ?

    Are there any history buffs out there who could enlighten us on the early history of the Town ? The Mersey Valley was subject to periodic flooding and no doubt formed a natural boundary for British (celtic) tribes, such as the Brigantes. I believe however, that there were fords, and whether "Latch"ford or "Or"ford have some meaning in this regard, I don't know. Seems the Romans had a crossing point in the vicinity of the Parish Church, built a corduroy road over marsh ground by the river (Wilderspool Causway) and had a factory site in that area. The Saxons may have used the River as their boundary with the Viking Dane-Law ? The Normans had a Motte and Bailey in the vicinity of the Parish Church, and I guess early settlement would have been in that area, as the first bridge at "bridge foot" wasn't built until the middle ages.
  10. Red Flag !

    However a dear reader found a few examples going back in time just to prove a point, indeed I think one of them was from the New York times which was part of my own argument. Sites such as "Is the BBC biased" have loads of evidence that you were right at least as regards the BBC and I cited the BBC explicitly for that very reason. However I thank you for you kind concern. The BBC has a generic problem about describing organisations and things. There used to be a list which said how organisations should be described, it was referred to in the journalism course. People who had seen it said that it correctly described say the Institute for Public Policy Research as left leaning and the Centre for Policy Studies as right leaning. Over time in on-air references the IPPR seems to have morphed into the "respected think tank, the IPPR" whilst the CPS is still "the right leaning think tank ..". Just saying...
  11. Confused by the News ?

    Unfortunately, the majority of TV news has a liberal bias, with speculation on the outcomes of the negotiation being positively dystopian. Whilst I've no doubt the Gov is sincere in it's aspirations for "the best deal"; they are up against feint hearts in Parliament, who's sabotage could create the very result they fear - "no deal". However, despite a combative posture by the Brussels elite, in their effort to keep the 27 in line; I can't see French farmers or German car workers, tolerating losing one of their biggest markets through a tariff war. The Labour Party, are equally divided on the issue, as the Tories, but need to be carefull they don't take ownership for a bad result: IE voting down a deal that includes exiting the single market, the customs union and the ECJ, as this would not be forgiven by Leave voters in their constituencies.
  12. Red Flag !

    Be careful Confused, when I suggested on here a couple of weeks ago that the media describe people as being far right but rarely far left I was hit by a mountain of links to news media that did just that
  13. Confused by the News ?

    I believe that net immigration from the EU has dropped to a mere 90000. How will we manage?
  14. Confused by the News ?

    I saw just that item on the BBC News and the reporter introduced the EU immigration number with the inevitable "despite brexit". I really did laugh out loud. They then went on to describe it as the smallest EU inflow since ... I couldn't hear that bit well because I was laughing.
  15. Red Flag !

    Well Asp I sort of see why you think that and what you say about the Establishment and I guess you are also thinking of the press and broadcasters who do strongly lean towards the democrats. However the party divide in the US is significantly different from the UK. As an example the highly democrat leaning New York Times described Corbyn thus "Mr. Corbyn, a 67-year-old hard-left politician". The BBC hardly ever describes anyone as Hard Left. If you consider the lifestyle, beliefs and behaviour of the Clintons or most prominent Democrats with those of Corbyn the difference is stark. The premise behind the Russian interference complaint by the Democrats is that a Republican would cause less trouble to Putin than Democratic Hillary! Does anybody think Corbyn would cause trouble for Putin! Folks like Soros are strong democratic party supporter but agitate against foreign regimes that are totalitarian in nature. I find American politics confusing at times but it is much more driven by racial and subsidy issues as well as constant legal struggles over the separation between States and Federal power. Their electoral system is pretty much designed to give deadlock between President and Congress as a matter of principle, which means the differences are exaggerated in importance beyond what an impartial observer would see.
  16. Downvote

    I can, and have
  17. Red Flag !

    The US establishment is even further left wing than the UK's which is why they were so desperate to have Killery elected and to have Trump impeached. They will probably welcome Corbyn with open arms.
  18. Confused by the News ?

    I think that was BBC speak to undermine Brexit with sensationalist comment. I expect to see a page 3 added to BBC news to add to the fall into red top customer appeal.
  19. Downvote

    I knew I was supposed to be doing something a few weeks ago..oops. Gary...can you like or vote on others peoples post comments now? I'm not sure if other people can like or vote you and me up or down again though...probably a good thing that though especially for me ha ha
  20. The KFC panic

    Good point Obs. Maybe the police should charge them as they are wasting valuable police time which is surely a case of falling fowl of the law ? KFC withdrawal symptoms for some could be hard though...but there's no such thing as 'going cold chicken' only 'going cold turkey'
  21. You'll have the political correctness police after you now for derogatory comments re a persons height or body shape Obs Regardless of the 'said stature' she was clearly doing her job very well if she was on her own enforcing the law I sometimes wish I'd been a Police Officer as I think I'd be good at it ...oh and and I'd love to be able to slam dunk tackle a person to the floor then hold then in an arm lock while reading them their rights. I guess that's not the right reason for signing up though We do still occasionally see CPO's round here (both male and female) but not very often unless there is an event on and all look very young. I think they probably patrol the village centre at weekends too but I never go there. Well done to them though I say as it must take guts and a calm but firm nature to deal with many of the idiots on the streets these days without resorting to slapping them.
  22. Last week
  23. Confused by the News ?

    Just read a piece, stating that there was now an exodus of EU nationals from the UK; but on closer reading just under 200,000 had left, but in the same period over 250,000 had entered the UK, so a net in flow. The fact that net immigration into the UK still exceeds emigration must be taken as a post-Brexit vote of confidence in the UKs future, surely.
  24. Red Flag !

    Think, in true snowflake style, they'll get a load of credit cards, and as they max one out, they pay it off with another, and so on. !
  25. The KFC panic

    Think the fact that the Police have launched an appeal to stop folk calling them over this matter, says everything about KFCs customer base !
  26. Red Flag !

    The latest allegations relate to a CIA file on his activities in the Americas from Guido Fawkes who also has the Stasi file of the Labour Party group he was associated with in the 80's. I recall hearing about the Anglo-American Loan Agreement after WW2 which John Maynard Keynes negotiated but Congress tried to veto because there was a Socialist government led by Attlee. That loan was only rescued by the personal involvement by Winston Churchill essentially vouching for the Labour Government. What will happen to US policy towards the UK with Corbyn as PM and Trump as President is truly worrying but since the Labour Politburo hates America they just will not care until the money runs out. In a nutshell what Corbyn will do to the press if he gets into power is the least of our worries.
  27. What Happened to community police officers

    Spotted one in Marsh House Lane today: she was about 5ft tall and plump, and enforcing the law all on her own !
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