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  2. We left it till last night (Sunday) before going out & there were only about a dozen of us in our local. I noticed they had a sign up with a 65 customer limit which i would think is a total for all rooms in the pub.
  3. since when has truth ever mattered when faced with a good dose of political rhetoric or any other "fadish" cause for that matter.
  4. Depends how bad it is, what they won't allow, is for Hospitals to be swamped - which means lock downs. 😷
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  6. The enemy to the loony left is always 'old white men'. Have they ever considered what the world would look like without the excellence of those men? Trains, planes, automobiles, steel mills, cities, hospitals, medical miracles etc. etc. They built the modern world, thankfully, without the help of the modern loony left.
  7. There will never be another lockdown Obs. The public will revolt against it - the 'demonstrators' and anarchists have destroyed that option.
  8. Well, certainly in London, the pubs were full and the drunks were hugging or fighting - no spacial distancing. This is what happens when you deal with the lowest common denominator of humanity; they'll be off doing the same in Spain, hoovering up their new virus spike, just in time to give us the second wave and another lock down. 😷
  9. The goalies keep giving him the knee, and he lobs it over their heads ! 😉
  10. Unfortunately, the Trust Managers and their un-elected, appointed Boards, are a law unto themselves; and like most of our public sector are free to spend on PC political gestures and of course, their salary grades. 😠
  11. Apparently, a footballer called Blacklivesmatter is now this season's top goalscorer.
  12. We're constantly being fed the old line about the NHS being underfunded with underpaid staff, and at the same time they are coming up with this sort of nonsense.
  13. Well Lewis Hamilton is trying to get all the F1 drivers onside; could end up with new rules; you must give way to black drivers and let them win. 😉
  14. Basically sums up all that is wrong with our society and institutions at the moment; totally taken over by PC enterism - a woke joke. 😠
  15. Fancy a well paid job with our beloved NHS? Apply before the 12th July, you too could get your snout in the trough! https://www.jobs.nhs.uk/xi/vacancy/916089712 You may need to find someone who speaks the language to translate the job description for you though.
  16. I'm pretty sure that none of the footballers are foolish enough to be the first to stand up against the bully boy tactic which this "taking the knee" nonsense is, although I have noticed a few that are standing back up earlier than the rest.
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  18. I'm confident that there is an overwhelming (silent) majority against the antics of BLM, both in the UK and the US. 😠
  19. My reply was to Dave's post, and not specifically aimed at Trump; I merely outlined how it should be done to minimise deaths; I think only Greece and maybe some S/E Asian States have come anywhere near it; Sweden is now tops for deaths per capita in Europe with their herd immunity approach. Alas, places like Greece, in a desperate attempt to restart their tourist economy, will now suffer a spike. 😷 💀
  20. Obs, Asp and all others. What would you judge to be the percentage of the U.K. the opposes the farce being perpetrated before every tv soccer game ? I know that it pisses me off, not from a racial point of view, just from common sense. It's based on a fraud, plus I doubt whether most of the participants are intelligent enough to understand what's going on!
  21. The sad fact is that if Mother Teresa had run as a Republican, the left and the media would still have tried to murder her. This madness spiraled into a frenzy when Trump openly exposed them as the bigots that they are. Then when he beat Clinton, who really should have been in jail, they exploded and gave up any pretense of fairness and now they just openly lie before the world. I cannot understand why Trump is criticized for his handling of the pandemic. It is a phenomena that has never been experienced to this degree before. He shut down travel to and from China in January, at the first indication that it was a problem and travel to Europe soon after. Moves which were rabidly denounced by the Democrats. The fact that ppe etc were in short supply surely falls on previous administrations for not maintains stocks, if anyone can be blamed. He mobilized Ford and GM into producing what was needed. He assembled the people recognized as the experts and never once overruled their advice. He provided Federal help to any State that needed it, including the viciously anti Trump States. Today, hydrochloxechorine (?) has been officially credited with saving covid19 lives, yet he got mocked for it. He had to change some decisions as more was learned about the virus, which is natural. Per the Constitution, he is allowing all States automony in when to open. What more could he have done. All the Democrats have done is nit pick without offering one option, viable or otherwise. As I have always said (to Obs chagrain!), the economy must always remain open or the result will be worse than the virus. It also needs to be realized, that while their is a spike in infections, hospitalizations and deaths are down. It's not caused by the economy opening, it's caused by demonstrators (?), rioters and beach parties. It can be solved by rigorously enforcing social distancing and masks at the beaches and shooting the rioters and looters !
  22. From the evidence to-date the biggest risk group are the elderly and those with underlying health conditions, with perhaps the addition of BAME groups. Therefore, total isolation or lock down is essential from the beginning and include everyone bar essential workers, who in turn must be fully protected with PPE; they've now discovered that the reason it found it's way into Hospitals, then Nursing Homes, was because cleaners and carers weren't kited out with PPE. Then, as the virus is suppressed and the R factor reduces, a piece meal relaxation of the lock down can begin, starting with the young and fit, by age cohorts; still observing social distancing and personal hygene. During this phase, an effective track and trace system needs to be in place, to lock down hot spots. Frankly I don't think it will be safe to stop shielding Seniors until a vaccine or anti-viral is ready, so if they want to live, they need to stay home. All this rush to open up tourism and the hospitality sector, will invite a relapse and further lock downs. The stupidity of mass gatherings on beaches, in parks or on BLM demos will just mean that further spikes will occur, and the farce will go on and on. Even with the best intentions, I predict a Summer of spread leading to a Winter of more deaths. 😷 💀
  23. Managing this covid crisis is a real balancing act for any political leader. Great to pay the workforce to stay at home & keep safe but a basket case economy could cause bigger problems in terms of supplying populations with the basic necessities to survive & could lead to widespread panic & social mayhem. The hard truth is that one day the economy must restart with or without the virus.
  24. The liberal establishment never forgave him for getting elected, and have placed his every word and action under a microscope ever since. Unfortunately, his eccentric personality and gaffes, have helped to feed a hostile media. Whilst his rather lame approach to the Corvid pandemic, has probably lost him support by frightened seniors; you have to wonder which politician in the World have successfully managed this problem in any case. Where he can score, is by attacking this wave of Marxist agitation being displayed by BLM, which his speech at MT Rushmore has started to do. 😷
  25. One thing for sure Trump is passionate about America & creating success. Is he a one off or is there another "Trump" waiting in the wings for when he can no longer be Mr President ?
  26. That's the one upside to this leftish support of anarchists. I've been subconciously contemplating my mortality for some time - especially when the local mortuary had a 'fire sale' and my wife got me a great deal on my incineration ! The left sure do make dying a much more attractive proposition.
  27. I'm with you Stall. And if Donald Trump doesn't win the next election he can shrug his shoulders, say "sorry losers, I tried my best" and disappear into the sunset to live out the rest of his life in luxury. While the rest of the world disappears into leftist hell. I'm glad I'm not young.
  28. Don't worry about it Davy, just giving you are hard time for fun. But I do get tired of the "Most people say.....", "Everyone thinks differently than that.......," " The American people disagree........". It's the basis of fake news, they don't know what I think or 'everyone' thinks, it's just lazy and incompetent reporting. Trump is the first leader who really does think and speak like the common man in the pub. He has made billions in real estate development, but he still made it out to every job site arguing and discussing with the electricians and plumbers, making sure he iwas getting value for money and that's how he runs the country. That's why he got elected, cos he gets it and doesn't make decisions based on guaranteeing re election. Look what he did when Boing tried to charge him four billion dollars for two new Airforce Ones, we're now getting them for two ! Considering the sophistication, that's a hell of a deal. Obs made a great statement, " They have no choice." I suppose that's true, I suppose we would be better off if we had to choose between Harold Wilson, Tony Blair, Cameron and Teresa May, but we can only wish! No joking, y'all better root for Trumps reelection, because if it doesn't happen, watch out, China and Russia will take over the world, they don't give a rats ass about the rest of mankind and there will be no US strong enough to save y'alls asses. Take a look at the size of those two countries and then realize that the whole of the U.K. military can fit into Old Trafford. Maybe the French will win the day ! ".
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