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  2. Thanks for the update Gary on the contract extensions. Any news on any signings??
  3. Hill testimonial at the club next season and new contracts being handed out - Big Ben gone, half back pairing not firing on all cylinders and a veteran coming out of retirement to help land the holy grail! https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2020/11/23/new-deals-for-wolves-trio/
  4. I may be way off the mark here ,but i firmly believe that the way to win trophies in Rugby League is to have the ability to play the ref. We see repeatedly ,especially in the end of season play offs, where many rules are allowed to be stretched to the nth degree ,otherwise there would be too many stoppages in games, & it seems to be the best exponents of bending the rules who win. Instead of watching videos of other teams ,watch videos of the match ref & pick up on his likes & dislikes.
  5. Interesting little point I noticed while thinking about the electric busses that don’t rely on batteries. The charge capacitors they use are manufactured by Eaton, who used to have an axle division of their business here in Warrington. Thought I recognised that name and logo. Bill
  6. Looks like the “Oxford” vaccine isn't quite so effective as the first two, but will probably end up being the one that most people will get given the quantities that were pre ordered. Better than nothing I suppose and we don't have to go to the north pole to get it. Bill
  7. For me it's not a knee-jerk reaction. He just can't get the team playing as a cohesive unit and that has been the story now for a couple of seasons. Yes, we've had success with him, I don't dispute that, but with the resources available and our start studded playing roster we MUST be challenging far closer to the Grand Final rather than being knocked out on home turf against very average teams, who were then humbled in the following game. On our day we can beat any team, and have shown that on occasion, but not on a consistent basis and that's why I feel a new coaching set up mig
  8. Last week
  9. I suppose we have to ask if Price told the lads to try & play champagne rugby in the mud bath semi final or if the team took that upon themselves. That game was set up for Plan B rugby but do we have the personnel for up the middle stuff ? We have said many times that it is alarming how teams can make so much ground against our defence & leave us turning the ball over in the wrong part of the pitch. I thought Danny Houghton joining the fray was when Kilroy wrote on our wall.& everything started to happen for Hull from that point.
  10. He's got my backing. I'm not one for knee-jerk reactions.
  11. Christmas is something endured rather than enjoyed. Bah! Humbug! 🤣🤣🤣
  12. It is amazing how one bad season can turn the fans against a coach. When he first took over form tony smith he was the bees knees and select parts of other animals, better than sliced bread. Now he is the worst thing since typhoid mary. Considering that most of the season has been played during the pandemic with fixtures often changing the night before the match then overall he has not done bad. He has managed too to field a team even if at times it has been made up of the younger players coming through the ranks,unlike other teams. At least he seems passionate about the wa
  13. I don't think i have ever hugged or kissed for five days over my whole life time......😭 A polite handshake or nod of the head and maybe a "merry christmas" muttered under duress with the tones of a "bah humbug" implied and that is about it really. Scrooge is a party animal when it comes to christmas compared to me.....🤣
  14. Agree - the one Country in Europe that seems to have avoided the second spike is Finland, which they put down to a cultural preference for maintaining social distance. We on the other hand will be hugging and kissing for five days over Xmas; thus taking us back to square one. 😷
  15. What Bill said about masks and less than 2m is correct. The Guidance tells us that where 2m is not possible we should stay at least 1m away and employ other mitigation such as face coverings. Visors, by the way, do not count as face coverings. The mitigation part is not usually explained well and it includes avoiding face to face situations. Face to back is not dangerous unless you are wearing a visor or closer than 1m. I simply took from what you wrote that you did not like the complete disregard by some of the guidelines because they did not offer you the common courtesy of waiting for
  16. Tough luck - your guess is way off. If my words mean that it is difficult it to pigeonhole me as pro or anti then I have delivered the words correctly. I don't want you to to assume you know what I meant to say. I want a discussion not a slanging match. I used sentience in a wider sense to mean "to perceive or feel things" i.e. to indicate life. I did that because, as you will no doubt tell me you know, viruses are not alive in the normal sense of the word and cannot react to anything with intent.
  17. He would probably shake up some of the players who are used to an easy going coach. I couldn't see them daring to pour a bucket of water over him like they did to Price at Wembley... He would flatten them
  18. Or maybe it is the bulk buy discount. The more you can buy the cheaper the price becomes. Buy one pint of whisky and it will cost about £15.00 per pint. Buy a few hundred gallons of the stuff and the price will be about £10.00 per pint. (well maybe not that cheap but cheaper than by the pint.)
  19. I methodically maintain my distance from others, however that doesn't stop them coming closer to you - this then requires a comment to them, which works with some, but not with the absolute planks, who don't even seem to know what your talking about. And I'm not "complaining on here", I'm merely sharing my observations based on experience. 😷
  20. I'd rate McDermott as an improvement on what we've currently got Latch.
  21. If you expect other people to keep their distance from you just because you want them to it's no wonder you are disappointed. You should be endeavouring to keep whatever distance that you deem necessary from other people, but to expect other people to do what you want is unreasonable given that the distancing is in your hands. As I said before, if you aren't comfortable being in a shop because of other people being in the shop it's in your power to leave the shop, no more than that. Complaining on here that other people aren't behaving the way you would like isn't rational.
  22. It's a shame we missed Watson as there are not many decent coaches available at the moment. Apart from Brian McDermott.
  23. My understanding of the advice was to wear a mask and try to maintain a two-metre distance. I’m fine with that, but it’s an advisory distance and the virus doesn’t suddenly stop at two metres. There’s always going to be times when it’s not possible to maintain that distance so for most people, common sense is the rule of the day. I understand that some people take the guidance more as a hard line limit that should never be crossed but with this virus, it’s probably more a case of how worried and vulnerable they feel rather than anything else so it’d be wrong to criticize. We all have to
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