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  2. One newspaper has raised the typically British idea of awarding medals to our NHS workers. Whilst no doubt worthy of such sentiment; I'm sure they would appreciate our support in more practicable ways - like improved pay and the provision of sufficient PPE , testing , etc. Let's give them the tools to do the job, and if we survive this trial, ensure we are never unprepared for this kind of threat in the future. 😷
  3. Talking of acting the goat; it's April First - remember the days when it was legging over till 12 o clock ? 😀
  4. Did see this on the one o'clock news yesterday. Made me smile as well.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Quote from Wikipedia - "Zaghari-Ratcliffe has worked for the BBC World Service Trust (now called BBC Media Action),[10] an international charity that provided training courses to Iranian citizen journalists and bloggers in its Iran Media Development Project's ZigZag magazine and associated radio programme.[11] In 2014, several graduates were convicted and sentenced by Iran to up to 11 years in jail for their participation in these courses.[12][13]" I have seen it confirmed elsewhere, but of course not on the BBC website or news!
  7. It's so good to read something not totally doom laden.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-52103967
  8. Yes it was called Whittles Tannery and made the leather that covers the benches in The House of Commons and Lords. I had the ""pleasure"" of working there in 1980's😖 think I stuck it out for 3 weeks!!!!
  9. A minutes walk past The Packet House.where todays Job Centre is.
  10. The pub I was trying to remember is...... Ta Daaaaa The Leigh Arms !!!! Cheers Sid 👍
  11. It was half way along Mersey Street about where DW Fitness is now.It was a couple of terraced houses knocked in one building.We always went into a juke box room at the back of the building.it's about 50 years since I was last in so the exact layout is a bit sketchy.
  12. As for working for the BBC i have no idea. Don't really know who she is apart from a name mentioned every so often in the press.
  13. Problem is that you would need six warders to each one so they don't go and see if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence...ðŸĪ”
  14. found a site that list quite a lot of the warrington pubs. Adelphi vaults. 1905 Leigh arms. 1895 Mersey. 1905 Moulders arms. 1871 Victoria vaults. 1918 All these are listed as mersey street. The date refers to the earliest reference that the page has for that pub. for a list of the rest. http://www.allthingswarrington.net/Pubs/towncentre.php#.XoNJJ2B7nmg Hope that jogs a few memory cells for you.
  15. Where was the Victoria Vaults, Latch ? Are we talking along Mersey St. ?
  16. No that doesn't ring a bell . I think there was a clog making shop next door to it. And opposite was a weigh bridge, public toilets and bus stops for Lancashire United and Leigh Corporation. I remember all that but not the blinkin pubs name ðŸĪŠ
  17. There are now plenty of unemployed folk, many have been promised 80% of previous wages; so if they can earn an additional wage fruit picking, it should serve as an incentive. Failing that, and subject to a Corvid19 test screening, they need to be conscripted; failiure to comply means no money at all.
  18. Perhaps some of the holidaymakers at Her Majesty's pleasure could be put to work to offset the cost of their upkeep.
  19. Well I thought it was because she was previously working with the BBC Iranian service in London and the Iranians deliberately picked on her to trump up charges and thereby put pressure on the Government via the BBC to pay for a cancelled arms deal which has been in dispute for donkey's years.
  20. "Desperate times call for desperate measures" a quote that springs to mind. under normal circumstances it would be done for profit and rigorous testing carried out into all possibilities of failure of the equipment. under the current circumstances immediate profit goes out the window as does the testing. it is a case of "if it works use it". (also good publicity for them when things do get back to something like normal).
  21. The moulders arms possibly? I think that the little street that led into the multi story was moulder street or lane.
  22. Because she is a "charity worker" and so good for selling the old news sheets and stirring up the "we will protest about anything" brigade.
  23. Don't forget the beds Milky, these are beds that have been unavailable for years. It is to be hoped that the hospitals springing up around the country will become part of the NHS estate & complement existing hospitals when this crisis is over.
  24. Precisely - better capitalists than the capitalists, it seems. 😉
  25. Last week
  26. Having watched these places like that turn into car exhibition halls one week, concert venues a few days later , then sporting arenas and so on I am still amazed to watch the Nightingale Hospital take form. Also amazed at the fact that there are companies out there able to design and put into production breathing ventilators made out of existing readily available parts or three D printed parts in lasss then two weeks, gizmos coming out from Mercedes to allow sharing of air pressure machines and a device that allows the sharing of ventilators. Yet the supply of gloves, aprons and masks is a challenge. On Sky news there was a story that the Chinese bought huge stocks of gloves and masks around the world and have siezed stocks of them manufactured in china. Question, anyone noticed the huge fleet of Ambulances stood outside, were did they come from?
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